TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

PSY teaches Matt Lauer to dance like a ‘Gentleman’

TODAY’s Matt Lauer shows off his dancing skills, thanks to a little coaching from musical superstar PSY.

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>> nbc.

>>> oh, psy you have us in the mood for dancing. good morning to you.

>> good morning, and good morning everybody, good morning, everybody!

>> this has been an amazing year for you. we met you last fall. you did "gapg namm style" and you have this follow-up hit. how has your life changed in the last year?

>> not because of just " gangnam style" but because of "today" show i did one last september and right after that, i got a lot, so once again, thanks for having me here one more time "today" show thank you so much.

>> thrilled to have you back, we are. let's be honest, there were some people who thought after " gangnam style" maybe that would be the last we'd hear of psy. the new song "gentleman" comes out, 260 million hits on youtube, that's almost the population of the entire united states . did it surprise even you?

>> you know, besides population of my country, korea, it's 50 million so what can i say?

>> pretty good.

>> last time i was here there were a lot of koreans among the crowd and tonight i mean this morning as well so let me say this one more time. [ speaking in foreign language ]

>> what does that mean?

>> korea rules.

>> " gangnam style" the dance moves were picturing a horse. so what should we be thinking of as we learn the moves for "gentleman."

>> how come you look --

>> i've been waiting eight months for this opportunity.

>> all right. so i saw you were familiar with this move.

>> he is, he likes that one.

>> so that was one move and we have other move on this one.

>> so you go from one to the other.

>> yes.

>> you do it first and we'll try and duplicate it.

>> all right, so it's called arrogant dance and you should be arrogant.