TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Instant career counseling on the plaza

If you’re feeling stuck in your job, want a new one, or have been laid off, career strategist Nicolette Pizzitola can help. She speed-coaches three women, giving them advice to get their career mojo back.

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>>> we are back with some helpful advice if you've been laid off or feeling like you're in a career gut. nicollette is here to give career advice for three women who sought our help to you. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> why are people feeling a rut or want a change?

>> it's true. in fact, throughout our lives at some point we're going to be in a rut but we'll find ourselves in a place that just doesn't fit. it's our job to get ourselves out of it.

>> we have three women who have different kinds of issue. let's bring out mary ann . i understand she's worked in the same industry about 15 years and she really wants to get a better work/life balance, is that what you say?

>> yes, exactly.

>> what would you advid advise?

>> you've been in the same job for 15 years and you love it, but at this point the industry's changed and you're not feeling connected to the work anymore.

>> right.

>> number one, i think what happens when we're not happy in our jobs is we start to find negativity ramping up. you need a no- negative zone around you. you have to vent, surely, but make sure you're coming every day to positive conversation. start going to industry events where you can interact with people that actually have solutions for you. that can help you navigate things. and then i want you to start thinking about your skill set and what you use at work, what used to make you happy. giving solutions to people and helping them find homes. now you have to give them solutions about how to handle the fact they might not get their mortgage. what can they do instead.

>> exactly.

>> you feel like those are some things you might be able to use?

>> yes, definitely. thank you.

>> we'll check in with you in a little bit. let's bring out our next lady, who's been working in her family restaurant business for a long time now. you want to change to management.

>> yes.

>> this is something you have experience with?

>> i have experience, basically over ten years i've been working in different aspects and different parts of brand management and now i would like to leverage that opportunity and bring it forward with a new chance.

>> you looked at her resume and her background. what do you think?

>> you show up beautifully online. your profile is beautiful. when you talk about brand management , you talk about a break in your career. you tell people, i've been out of it for ten years but you've been branding your restaurant.

>> you're right.

>> you need to use that as part of your narrative. that's part of your story. you have built a great community in your restaurant, use those people. be in conversation so they can bring you opportunity.

>> do you find it hard -- do you find it hard sometimes to talk about the experience that you have and relate it to what you want to do?

>> well, yes. i find there are roadblocks having a conversation about the experience and successes i had in the restaurant and bringing those forward to people in the outside. i do.

>> thank you so much. we'll check in with you in a moment, too. let's bring out randy mia burman, who goes by mia. your day job is insurance but your passion is comedy.

>> yes. i go by mia, like rihanna --

>> you tell us --

>> mia is short and great.

>> how might she approach something like this?

>> when i looked you up online, one thing that struck me is i couldn't find the funny. no youtube videos, few huffington post articles. you need to show up powerful online, in paper. if the funny's not there, people don't know you.

>> it's coming, funny is coming.

>> she used the opportunity. as we bring our ladies back out, i think a lot of people have these issues in common. they feel like they're a little in a rut in their career. do you have any blanket advice for people who just want to make a change?

>> most important, get to know and show your strength. and you have to be in conversation with people so they can access that and bring opportunity to you. and you have to know that detours don't have to be roadblocks.

>> do you find it hard when you're at work and you're feeling kind of like you're in the same place to have the energy to even think about making a change?

>> definitely, yeah.

>> i do.

>> i add humor wherever i am.

>> i know what i'm passionate about, and brand is all i think about, the issue is bringing it forward to other people.

>> you're on national tv . what's the one thing you want to ask for, if you could have your own job?

>> mia's own comedy show.

>> i would like to work with animals or, in general, make people happy again like i used to.

>> i would love to be a brand manager for nike. i'm a sneaker head.

>> consider the resume submitted. nicollette,