TODAY   |  April 23, 2013

Eliminated ‘Idol’ finalist: I knew I was leaving

Janelle Arthur, the first female finalist to be eliminated on this season of “American Idol,” said she had a feeling she would be the one voted off this week.

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>> make it even. you've seen her decorate, it's not good.

>> an unusual musical pairy, steve martin and edie percale blessing us with tunes.

>> mr. seacrest for the first time this season a young lady was actually eliminated from the finals.

>> of the finalists, janelle arthur.

>> one of our favorite contestants.

>> thank you.

>> seemed like just hours ago we were standing on the stage.

>> i know you followed me to new york.

>> i'm going to follow you for a long time janelle .

>> be careful about that, jan janelle .

>> the last segment the final two before they find out who is going to go to talk to each other. you were saying you thought it was going to be you.

>> oh, yeah, i really thought it was going to be me. i was telling cree don't you worry it's me,' not you. you don't have to sing tonight.

>> you didn't get great reviews from the judges on your dolly parton .

>> give her a break.

>> did you think it was a bad performance?

>> i felt so good about that performance, and the reason why i chose that song is because it was my own arrangement so it was my opportunity to kind of like show that i could take an older song of hers and make it more my own thing.

>> dolly gave you a message, right?

>> she did. she liked it.

>> that was awesome, it's great to hear from her.

>> one of the things you'll miss is ryan.

>> chief among them.

>> you love cowgirl boots, you assembled a collection.

>> i only had one pair before i came on the show and i had eight or nine.

>> there you go.

>> special edition .

>> thank you, i love those!

>> they look good, too.