TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Kerri Walsh Jennings introduces baby girl, Scout

Last summer, Kerri Walsh Jennings won her third consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball. Just nine months later, the Olympian and her husband, Casey, introduce their third child and first baby girl, Scout Margery, to the world.

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>>> olympic great carey walsh jennings. nine months lying she and mitzi trainer won their beach volleyball . and now carey just gave birth over the weekend. casey jennings and the other two little ones . first thank you so much for waking up so early. and carey , that baby has been burping until this second. tell us about the name scout marjorie jennings.

>> scout is my favorite character in literature, scout finch. she's sweet, she's brilliant, she loves her family. and i just love her little spirit . marjorie is after my mother who is the most beautiful human being i ever met. so casey allowed me to go with the name and now we have scout marjorie .

>> i love looking at the family portrait in front of me. tell me a little bit about how the baby was born. you were working out on friday morning. on saturday you were induced. the baby arrived ten minutes before the doctor got there is that how it went down?

>> oh, man. it was like lightning fast. it was so weird because i had been anticipating her arrival for the past two weeks and so to be induced is an experience. worked out in the morning. had a normal day and then got the hospital around 2:30. very slow process. all of a sudden it was like she's coming and casey had to step in to make sure nurses were on their toes. she came and ten minutes late ear doctor walked in and said what happened?

>> casey , were you nervous when the doctor was not present?

>> yes. i was so nervous. i was watching them and thinking i don't know if he had know this is going to happen as fast as it does but i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt . but i haven't seen any other births but my wife's so i knew what was happening. i think they are just so used to it taking a longer time and as soon as she was hurting i told them carey , she's not your average bear. if she's hurting it's go time. they started to get more heat on it and they were moving and the nurses brought the baby into the world.

>> they were amazing.

>> we're so happy four. joey and sundance your two boys seem happy with their sister. tell us about rio. is that on your dance card ?

>> absolutely. i'm not dancing yet as far as i'm concerned. the fun is just beginning. i'm going take a couple of weeks off get to know this little girl , get my body to heal and get back on the road. between now and then there's a lot of tournaments to play. i have an official start date. i know what i'm gunning for.

>> you're a good juggler with everything going on. wish you and casey and the rest of the kids great luck. thanks for joining us.