TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

Caught by Karma? Thief rams into glass door

After allegedly stealing a woman’s purse in an Australian mall, a man runs right through a glass door while making a break for it. Unaware of the robbery, bystanders help the suspected thief, before he escapes with an accomplice.

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>>> sometimes karma will get you even if the cops don't. this man is making a break for it after allegedly stealing a woman's purse in an australian mall but bam right into the glass door. bystanders tried to help the man, before he was able to escape with an accomplice in a stolen car. hopefully karma will get him in the end even if he did get away.

>> that wasn't the ending we were hoping for.

>> he got away but they have the videotape.

>> maybe now somebody will identify him.

>> knew one side of the