TODAY   |  March 29, 2013

A tasting tour of LA food-truck snacks

Chef Susan Feniger, food truck owner and author of “Susan Feniger’s Street Food,” offers samples from three popular food trucks that travel around Los Angeles, including quesadillas, a chicken pesto sandwich, and some creative hot dogs.

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>>> welcome back to los angeles . this is the food truck capital of the world . more than 200 food trucks roaming the streets of this city, and perhaps none better than the one we're standing in right now. my guest is susan fenniger. " street food " is her book and from her restaurant street grill. this is so cool. taking off everywhere and the quality of food has escalated over the years.

>> i think it's really interesting. probably four years ago honestly we saw -- i mean, there's always taco trucks everywhere, i mean, all over l.a., that was the culture, but all of a sudden there was this sort of popping up of the more gourmet trucks where really you could take restaurant food and then put it out on the street, and it really made you very accessible to the public in a very different way. i love it.

>> a long way from street meat. this is the good stuff here.

>> it is.

>> why don't you share something with us here. what are we makeing?

>> here on the border grill chuck we do all sorts of different tacos. it's early in the morning . you might wanted a little bit of this. we marinade this in a cumin cilantro marinade, your basic california guacamole. we're spoiled out here. a little bit of salsa fresca . i know, sometimes i might squirt a little bit of chipotle salsa on there.

>> oh, that's beautiful.

>> is this a big part of your business, susan, the truck?

>> you know what? we do a ton of catering with the truck.

>> yeah.

>> we do a lot of like movie openings with the truck, and then we go on the streets of festivals and then just on the street for businesses, so it is. it's really cool because it's a great marketing thing.

>> absolutely.

>> we've got a couple other trucks. let's go take a look. you've helped us find some of the favorite trucks here.

>> all right. now how could you be in l.a. without having a great hot dog ?

>> this is the dog town truck.

>> this is the dog town truck.

>> hi.

>> mike, do you have a favorite of these dogs here?

>> they are all my favorites.

>> come on.

>> the morning commute.

>> which one is the morning commute?

>> a perfect bacon-wrapped dog with a fried egg on top and the yolk is the sauce that god intend and'ded and the california dogs are most popular. basil aoli, crispy arugula.

>> what is this.

>> the morning dog. what do we call it, the commuter?

>> how are we going to eat that?

>> i don't know if i can conduct an interview eating that. i'll have it after the interview. that looks great.

>> let's head over there. mediterranean.

>> the hungry nomad truck.

>> look, border grill mexican. you go into dog town for dodgers, and now we're having mediterranean.

>> how are you?

>> i'm good. how are you guys?

>> do you have a favorite out here? what's your best seller?

>> a favorite, one of my favorites is going to be this salad, all crushed greens, and it's topped with lentils and then we put our own chips on the side. absolutely amazing.

>> that's perfect l.a., right? at a food truck and you're having a falafel salad.

>> beautiful.

>> somebody jumps out of office, grabs that for lunch and takes it back upstairs.

>> one of our biggest hits.

>> this is the scenario that i think five years ago you never would have seen.

>> absolutely.

>> it's really about greasy, yummy tacos, but you see that, or you see ceviche on the border grill truck. it's just not typical.

>> seeing it in new york and l.a. and now across the country, too, these trucks.

>> and the great thing about l.a. is that it's such a city of cars that when you're out at the trucks there's a community that gets created. very different than new york where you're walking on the street all the time. here people meet at trucks and it's fantastic.

>> we've got some eating to do.

>> we do.

>> go to commercial break because we don't want to embarrass