TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

Hoda picks out her new puppy!

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb has been talking about it for months. Today she finally picked out a new dog with the help of Kathie Lee, who showed her 10 different puppies before Hoda made her final choice.

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>>> we all know that our hoda woman has been longing to adopt a dog. tuesday after the show, we headed out.

>> we had help from our friends over at petfinder as well as paws chicago and a couple oregon groups. they conducted a special search to find me the perfect furry friend. take a look. s.

>> we are in central park in the heart of new york city . this is a life-changing day for me. i am going to choose my dog.

>> for a long time now she's wanted a dog.

>> i'm looking for a dog that likes to sleep. i kind of want a blobby dog. i don't want a runner.

>> she's not thought this through, though.

>> i am busting. i'm trying to think when --

>> she thinks she's thought it through, but as everything hoda, she has not thought it through.

>> kathie lee is going to walk each dog and i'm sure try to influence me in some way.

>> the most precious poodle mix. it's a boy. it's cinnamon.

>> he looks like you. you could be he mother. i'm breastfeeding. o. my god. this boy is reeves.

>> he's trained?

>> he's trained.

>> bonus.

>> a definite bonus, because you're barely trained.

>> this is baker oh, he wants to go back to you, hoda. he loves me!

>> this is nutmeg. he is a shih tzu /beagle mix. we say [ bleep ], not [ bleep ]. is it a boy or girl ? you want to go home with hoodie? a lot of strange egyptian art , but you'll grow to love it.

>> c'mon, kevin . i'm just walkin' my dog singin' my song it's just me and my dog catching some sun

>> orla, she's 1-year-old terrier mix, and she's sweet.

>> i remember single one is a rescue. every dog has a story

>> wow, hoda, this is not a blobby one. scotland. all right. bye.

>> come here. come here. come here.

>> this is goldfish . hi.

>> he comes with his own bottle of wine.

>> oh, goldfish .

>> come here.

>> i think this will be an extremely tough decision.

>> if you're lucky, they'll be with you a long, long time. they'll be the best friend you've ever had, except for me.

>> okay. i'm talking about choosing my pooch.

>> oh, my gosh. so many amazing dogs. how did you make a choice, hoda woman?

>> i don't know. i realized when you know, you know, and along with paul, she's the founder of paws chicago .

>> an amazing foundation.

>> how are you?

>> she's right, you sort of know.

>> it was not a dog i thought i would select. honestly. knowing me, what kind of dog did you think would be the best for me?

>> i think for you, first of all, any of these dogs would succeed in your home, because you love animals. and dogs are so adaptable. it's amazing. you know, getting a good trainer, and a good dogwalker, because of a busy lifestyle, being prepared, when you bring them into the house, you're ready to go.

>> i have a dog walker , angela is here. i am prepared, thank god. so all of these dogs will be able to adopt them out minus the one i'm taking.

>> there's kevin . kevin was scared of the movie cameras. he's 1 years old havanese mix from the streets of chicago .

>> reeves is a 6-month-old male maltese. goldfish , 6 months old, 5 to 6 months, male cockapoo, ola was brought in. yari is a 3-year-old female.

>> she's the old lady of the group, but she's precious.

>> and bobbi sue is that 1-year-old female poodle.

>> a story about billy joe and bobbi sue.

>> she was full of fleas, so we had to shave her.

>> but she's a little embarrassed, but her coat will grow back in beautifully.

>> and cinnamon is an 8-week-old.

>> left his mommy.

>> who's next?

>> nutmeg.

>> he knows his name.

>> baker, 10 weeks old. and scotland is 5 months old, female poodle/terrier mix.

>> i'm going down. ready? i'm so excited.

>> hi. hi. i hear you, kevin . i think it's goldfish . hi, goldfish .

>> so cute.

>> oh, my gosh, hoda. good choice. he's precious. he knows, he knows. goldfish . now, hoda, are you going to change his name?

>> yes, we're going to pick a name tomorrow. goldfish loves me.

>> i'm going to pick one.

>> are you? get in there.

>> to my friend karen, who is here with her little boy .

>> this is his mom karen, if things don't work out, he can come to my house.

>> we have eight to good. i want to thank a lot of people, the folks at petfinder, paws chicago , thanks, everybody. adopt these pup yes, sir.