TODAY   |  March 24, 2013

Dreyer: This weather is ‘just relentless’

A major snowstorm pounded much of the U.S. on Saturday, with Denver, Colo., seeing eight inches of snow, and much of the Midwest enduring dropping temperatures and road closures. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> everyone. parts of midwest from wichita, kansas, all the way to indianapolis are seeing more heavy snow this morning as we deal with the winter weather that doesn't want to end. north of denver on i-25, a fiery collision between a tanker truck and a car.

>> it looks like the propane -- it was caught on fire with people. you can't even describe what it looked like. you can't even describe it.

>> reporter: along with it, a massive pileup.

>> the 405, like 40 cars. truck drivers on the road, see a lot of stuff. never see anything like this.

>> look at the --

>> reporter: crews pulled one wrecked vehicle after another out of the tangled pile of steel. several people were hospitalized, but police say no one was killed.

>> it's the worst thing i've ever seen.

>> reporter: down the road, heading to denver, about eight inches of snow clogged the streets creating a giant travel headache. from there, the storm headed east, essentially following the famous i-70 across the midwest . in wichita, kansas, the temperature dropped overnight, making sure the snow would hang around today. east to topeka. a bitter night with snowy conditions shutting down major roads, including stretches of i-70. and going into kansas city , a chilly blanket of snow fell over the street. today, the storm is still bearing east bringing another unwelcomed blast of winter weather . and we are looking at a lot of snow to continue through parts of especially indianapolis today. that is going to be a spot where we'll see the jackpot for highest snowfall totals. you can see the winter storm warnings extend all the way through the plains and the midwest . heavy snow is now falling across kansas city . this is going to move towards st. louis, eventually up into parts of the chicago area , and indianapolis will see that heavy snow take hold, especially a little bit later this morning into this afternoon. then watch what happens as this moves eastward. we are going to see an area of low pressure develop off the mid- atlantic coast . that means all snow for new york city tomorrow. and we could end up with about one to three inches. but indianapolis will most likely pick up more than a foot of snow out of this whole storm system. and from st. louis and into parts of central indiana, we could end up with about six to nine inches of snow. but again, the mid-atlantic is not escaping this one, with about three to six inches possible in some parts of new jersey and interior parts of the mid-atlantic. erica?

>> i wish i could say that was great, but i don't feel that great.

>> every one of her reports ends with, really?

>> and we'll remind everyone, too, we won't shoot the messenger.