TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Lululemon recalls pants for being too sheer

The popular fitness apparel chain is pulling all of their black “Luon” yoga pants from stores and websites, approximately 17 percent of their women’s bottoms, saying the overly sheer material falls “short of our very high standards.” NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> a recall of popular yoga pants from the. lululemon after customers complained about, shall we say the coverage of those --

>> very well put.

>> nbc's mara schiavocampo has the story. we're all waited with bates ears here.

>> bared.

>> some customers noticed their workouts are looking more like a peep show saying lululemon 's pants are see-through, leaving little to the imagination. lululemon , it's the fitness gear company adored by yoga enthusiasts around the country.

>> they're comfortable. they're attractive.

>> they look great and feels great.

>> reporter: but in the last few weeks some customers started noticing thing their beloved yoga pants are falling short with bottoms overly sheer to the point of being see-through.

>> i want to have full coverage in confidence when doing my positions.

>> disappointing.

>> reporter: this weekend the canadian company announced they were pulling all of the affected black pants from their stores and websites, costing them 17% of their women's bottoms saying the ingredients, weight and longevity remain the same but the coverage does not resulting in a level of sheerness that fall short of our very high standards . the billion-dollar company is offer customers a full refund a move that could cost them $20 million for the first quarter of the year.

>> every brand regardless of who they are has to make sure the quality part they turn out is not affected.

>> reporter: lululemon haven't figured out exactly what happened but are looking into it. others are looking at the lighter side, the transparency trouble attracting tons of attention on social media . one woman tweeting "maybe now the gym can return to pg" the man responded to the recall simply saying "please don't."

>> the customer who might have held the pants up to the light, wouldn't have, will be doing that now.

>> the company says they're working with the supplier to replace the pants as quickly as possible, but they admit for the near term there will be a shortage of styles so at least they're being transparent about the problem.

>> oh, mara.

>> very good.

>> for expert analysis we turn to hoda kotb . these are your favorite pants.

>> i live in lululemons. nothing makes you look thinner. they're kind of pricey. i have a question. when you're wearing them if you have the sheer ones on can you see right when you look down?

>> we did hear from one woman who noticed herself in the mirror once during a class and she was shocked and appalled. apparently some people have been noticing it on themselves but unless you know to look for it you assume you're covered.

>> like you're wearing a depress and think it's great and stand out in the sun and you can see through it.

>> the company is doing everything