TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Woman drops 157 pounds, shows off new body

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer introduces Candice McCain into the Joy Fit Club. Candice lost more than 150 pounds by changing her diet, exercising more and following her Weight Watchers program.

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>>> our latest joy fit club member lost 150 pounds, we'll show you how you can do it, too!

>>> time for another installment of the joy fit club . another inspiring member for you guys to meet today. her name is candace mccain, she's 28 years old and here is her story.

>> hi, my name is candace , i have been overweight for as long as i can remember. i didn't really date that much and i never enjoyed shopping like all my friends, growing up people always told me, you have such a pretty face in 2008 i married my husband and best friend in a size 28 wedding dress , tipping the scales at over 300 pounds, shortly after i had a doctor's appointment and learned that my blood pressure was high. i guess i convinced myself that my weight would not affect my health, i was so ashamed and for a few weeks ago i binged on food because i was so upset. one night i was sitting on the sofa and eating a fourth serving of sausage balls and i was so upset i decided to attend a weight watchers meeting. i lost 90 pounds my first year on the program and i built a great support system for people at the gym i started going to. i've lost 150 pounds, my blood pressure is normal and my overall cholesterol has dropped 100 pointsd, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. i'm so active and ran my first marath marathon. my husband has lost 50 pounds and is working out hard to try to keep up with me. my advice is start small and keep making small changes.

>> wow. i love her already.

>> prepare to be blown away. and you heard her husband also lost 60 pounds, so they are going to renew their vows and she's getting a hot, slim-fitting wedding gown .

>> tell us about her eating habits, what was wrong there.

>> what you need to know is, this stunning woman eats, but she learned how to slim down, her favorite comfort foods , we wanted to show you a few. we'll put these recipes out on twitter and facebook. these are turkey tacos, normally each one would be more than 300 calories. both are 300, she uses lean ground turkey meat and reduced fat sauce. she has turkey pepperoni on this pizza. this is my banana ice cream . i take frozen bananas, put it in the food processor , that's it, 140 calories this one i added a little bit of peanut butter into. and some chocolate chips , but still, under 200 calories.

>> we've got to see candace 's before picture. here it is. let's take a peek. candace , let's see the new you.

>> whoa! wait a minute! wait a minute, candace .

>> this is crazy.

>> i know. can you, when you look at the old pictures or that picture right there? does it seem like it's you?

>> no. i mean -- this is what i get to look at now, so no.

>> do you feel great?

>> i feel amazing.

>> i bet you people don't even recognize you when they see you on the street.

>> what do they say?

>> wow. they cannot believe it it's so crazy.

>> you look absolutely gorgeous and we're so happy for you and for your husband. so, congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> i'm going to show you guys the new pictures when they renew their vows.

>> i want to thank miss lisa rinna and the first few minutes and everything you said. see you guys tomorrow.