TODAY   |  February 17, 2013

Study: Salt Lake City too polluted for babies

The pollution levels in and around Salt Lake City have been bad enough to worry parents, with a new study saying that bad air over northern Utah makes it a risky place to have a baby. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> it has been a public health issue for months. the air pollution over northern utah. they say that dangerous air is making the state a risk why i place to have a baby.

>> the pollution levels in around around salt lake city have been bad enough to concern parents of school age kids.

>> i had to send a note to our school to tell the teacher, please don't make him play outside at recess. i am worried about what he is breathing.

>> perspective moms should worry do. high pollution levels have an adverse impact of maternal exposure on fetal growth . low birth weight is often related to diabetes, diabetes and several types of cancer for infants that survive. some have not says salt lake city doctor. the link to pollution has not been confirmed.

>> the two operations i just got finished with were operation for fetal demise, spontaneous abortions, if you will.

>> how bad does the air get here? in peak pollution times, the comparison between new and unused air filters . the experts now say, think of a pregnant woman's lungs whose respiratory tissue is stretched out to a single tennis court size filter.

>> think of that rising up and down 20 times per minute. that's how much air pollution ruffle a person can take in.

>> all of which has some salt lake city women thinking about adding to the family.

>> i hope everything is okay.

>> we want to wait.

>> weather inversions are not a new phenomenal. 19th century settlers complained of being trapped in fog for months. now, it is not fog but sclupollution that can't escape. that presents a new health risk for perspective mothers and the children they bear.