TODAY   |  February 09, 2013

Bostonians hunker down, taking warnings seriously

Wind gusts continue and roads remain blocked across much of Massachusetts, but residents are taking precautions and staying safe in their homes. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> let's head out to boston now. this storm could be one for the record books up there. al roker is standing by in copley square . good morning. good to see you.

>> reporter: good to see you, lester . and you can see copley square just behind me. there's about 20, 24 inches of snow back in the square. as we take a look at some video from overnight, folks were really hunkering down. they were taking the warnings seriously. governor duval patrick ordering all roads closed on -- in the state at 4:00. some people credibility sized him, but -- criticized him, but it looked like that was a good idea that others would have wanted to follow earlier in the day. you see folks walking around. but as this system started to wind up, it was causing big problems. rhode island particularly hard hit. last night during "nightly news," we were getting reports of power outages already beginning. they continue again through the day today. they have been warned that they could be without power for at least seven days. let's show you where the system is right now. it is getting itself together. it is winding up. and it is going to be still a powerful system that's making its way now offshore. the snow ending back through new jersey, western new york . but you can still see the powerful circulation, boston, deeper areas of blue, that's where snow is still falling at the rate of one to two inches per hour. and as we look to the future and you see this system moving away, it's not going to be until late tonight when most of the areas will clear of all this snow. that is figure to still leave -- that is going to still leave another additional two to six inches, maybe eight inches of snow along the new england coastline. inland, we're going to see little bit less. another maybe four to six inches of snow and back to the west even further, the areas in white, about one to three inches. the winds are also going to be a big problem over the next 24 hours . maintaining winds, they're going to be looking at about 25 to 30 mile-per-hour sustained winds . but wind gusts will continue late tonight into the 30 and 40 mile-per-hour-plus range. so lester , still a lot of blowing and drifting snow . roads are going to continue to be a big problem. passable roads. and again, the winds will continue to whip and drive that snow and keep visibilities down. lester ?