TODAY   |  February 04, 2013

Jenny McCarthy gets ‘real’ on new show

It’s been a good year for Jenny McCarthy: She published a New York Times best-seller, posed for Playboy at 40, and is getting ready to host a nighttime talk show. She chats about “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and shows off the tattoo she got on a whim during the Super Bowl blackout.

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>>> back now at 8:21 with the very busy jenny mccarthy . she just published her eighth book, her seventh to make it on the best seller 's list. she is hosting a new talk show called, appropriately enough, the jenny mccarthy show . god to see you.

>> you, too.

>> i want to ask you about this new talk show but do you have a new tattoo you want to tell me about?

>> i do. it's still kind of painful. during the blackout i decided to do something besides gorge pizza and i went next door and got a new tattoo.

>> did you really, last night?

>> is it a permanent tattoo?

>> permanent tattoo. i always wanted one, a little decor. i didn't feel like having a symbol since i don't have a guy that i want to tattoo his name on me. i wanted a little decor.

>> everyone does something different during a blackout.

>> it could be my midlife crisis.

>> what could have happened if you didn't have the blackout.

>> right?

>> they describe it as kind of like a party on tv. is that the describe you're going for?

>> i've been in this talk show development deal for about ten years now. and finally, this is the first time -- i keep saying put me back on tv. and the template i wanted was playboy after dark. hugh hefner , to me -- i do a lot of talk shows as a guest. preinterviews can really, i think, draw the life out of an interview. so we've been doing test shows without them and let them fly. there is a real party going on with bartenders and drinks and go dancers and celebrities don't really know what i'm going to ask. i ask them -- i'm getting a tattoo when i'm bored, you can just imagine what i plan on asking them.

>> you do some of these interviews on the floor.

>> that's right.

>> literally on the floor.

>> i wanted to do something different. i have something called groundbreaking interviews. i take the celebrity. we lay on the floor and literally a cameraman hangs over us and the lights in our faces and we have -- we're also sucking our lolli dpops as they do in the club these days and have real conversations that kind of go off the deep end. i mean, they're sometimes shocking but also a lot of times they give groundbreaking answers.

>> we should have done this interview on the floor. you moved to chicago.

>> i did.

>> how do you like it?

>> it's the best thing that ever happened to me. my son said the same thing. he said i don't know what took you ten years to bring me the best city but the next time i'm leaving chicago is with angels.

>> ahh.

>> he has best friends , catches frogs. i'm not searching for my life, i feel as a mother now, i'm living my life , because my son is in the best place.

>> jenny mccarthy , can't wait to see the show. premieres tonight