TODAY   |  February 02, 2013

Animals predict Super Bowl results

A pelican in Texas, manatees in Florida and a bear with two very different cakes all take on game day predictions. Who did the animal friends pick as the big winner? NBC’s Tom Llamas reports.

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>> of the helmet.

>> possibly. a good theory.

>> all that glitters is gold.

>> you never know. now to the tiebreaker to two manatees in sarasota, florida, hugh and buffet. two logos were placed outside their tank. they both swam straight for baltimore. the marine laboratory says buffet has selected the correct team every year for the past five years. hugh has been correct three times during the past five years. which animals are we going with, guys?

>> wait, were we keeping score?

>> the manatees didn't have their glasses on.

>> i love the faces -- they were facing the wrong way.

>> it was ravens, two, niners one? the manatee is stinking cute.

>> it adds up to 49ers for me.

>> yeah?

>> yeah. that's a bias.

>> your team. i wonder if people are betting after the segment. they bet on the manatees, it's the ravens.

>> one thing i've learn good the human race , people will bet on anything. anything.

>> true. i hear you aren't big fans of chicken wings . is this true?

>> lester and i are not.

>> i am.

>> i love chicken wings .

>> you can have our wings.

>> too messy. too --

>> i love the chicken wings , but --

>> fat and skin.

>> unless you can --

>> grosses me out.

>> not enough food.

>> they're so fun to eat. they're perfect with beer.

>> no. i'll take the beer, and i'll take the celery that they come with and the blue cheese dressing .

>> celery? okay. all right.

>> more wings for you in the end.

>>> if you don't like sport, you don't like the super bowl , check out the wing bowl . these guys here, they competed for cash and a new car by showing their intestinal fortitude by eating as many spicy wings as possible. the winner was jamie "the bear" mcdonald of connecticut. he inhaled -- get this -- 287 wings in 30 minutes .

>> ew.

>> five more than the runner up, in front of a soldout wells fargo crowd in south philly . check out the names of the people he beat. bam-bam wing-o-lows, bob the robs, and snack jacks. if you do the math, that guy ate 9.5 wings a minute.

>> hope to there was an ice cream chaser involved.

>> i'm having a hard time processing it.

>> so is he.

>> didn't the price go up?

>> yeah. finally, a big weekend for football fans . a bigger weekend for daisy suddenono and dave pel egrini. they met at the super bowl and are getting married in new orleans. the bride is wearing purple. they will kick off their honeymoon by attending the big game tomorrow. some people like to release doves. i hope to couple doesn't release roichbs becau ravens because tell go straight for the wedding cake .

>> and they can honeymoon in san francisco .