TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

Stylish storage for every room in your home

When freezing temperatures keep you stuck inside, Chassie Post of shares how you can take advantage of winter days at home, sharing her inspiring ideas to help you clear the clutter in your foyer, kitchen, living room, and more.

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>>> this morning on "today's" style, swanky storage for your home. helping us clear the clutter is lifestyle editor. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> people dump stuff, gets cluttered.

>> should be renamed the dumping ground.

>> entry of your home so it's the first thing people see.

>> we have always loved baskets. if we start down here, so great for portable storage . spray paint them. give them a little update. we saw these on martha stewart . they're so gorgeous and glamorous. $20 from lantern moon and spray paint is practically free.

>> so good. love these storage boxes.

>> lacquer boxes is fantastic for coraling little things like key, mail, remote controls. these are from see wonder. they're just beautiful. fun colors.

>> starting at $35.

>> this umbrella stand, which i love.

>> isn't it cute? this little owl . who can ever find an umbrella? never. this is a great incentive for you to keep your umbrellas in one place from madison avenue gifts. just really fun and fancy way to welcome people.

>> let's move on into the kitchen. let's start off with over here the peg board for all of our pot s and pans.

>> yes. it's actually julia child 's idea. genius idea and so easy. it's just peg board. we've actually spraypainted the silhouettes.

>> so you know what goes wear.

>> and your husbands and kids can put it back in the right place. it's $17, this whole thing from your local home improvement store.

>> a small apartment it's a great idea.

>> great idea. free frees up lots of subpoenaboard space.

>> i love these stylish solutions as well.

>> these are so cool. they're very clever but really dangerous. we have these at the office. my hand is underneath the spigot all day long. they're just $35. they come as a double unit. that's a great deal from casa.

>> this is mazing.

>> i know.

>> cool idea and very inexpensive.

>> nothing is prettier than a classic mason jar . these labels, you can download these from the internet from as long as they're for personal use. great way to have the world's most beautiful cupboard or pantry.

>> absolutely. put all your dry goods in. tell me about these.

>> this is office.

>> office solutions. fantastic metal file cabinet .

>> isn't this cool? who doesn't have, you know, a --

>> normally very ugly.

>> very ugly and beat-up cabinet. we just wallpapered it. spray adhesive and wallpaper. now a piece of furniture that's pretty enough to go into any room.

>> keep your pens and pencils organized.

>> it's actually chalk board . they're really story. no cardboard here. really story. $4.50 on to $39.

>> these are great for kids' rooms.

>> stylish storage. you really can let go of those plastic storage bins. there's lots of attractive options from land of nod. love the chevron.

>> finally over here, clothing.

>> these are giant bags, like hampers?

>> giant. wood next to the fireplace to really anything.

>> blankets.

>> yep. these are just $42.

>> fantastic.

>> so chic.

>> maybe i'll start getting organized. the container store , i love those places. i get lost