TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

How to entertain kids during holiday travel

Are traveling with your kids this season and already dreading the words, “Are we there yet?” Meredith Sinclair of shares the must-have travel essentials that will make everyone happy while trying to get from here to there with kids in tow.

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>>> this morning on "today's" travel, keeping the kids entertained when you hit the road or the airports for the holidays. meredith has your must have travel essentials. good to see you.

>> good to see you, too.

>> practical but entertaining.

>> going to make it easy for all the parents.

>> the scoot case?

>> it looks like a little -- it's carry-ons you ride on. there's plenty of room on the inside for all their goodies and those kids who are sort of too little to be walking but too old for the stroller, they can get on, scoot down the terminal. you can also pull them along when they get tired.

>> that's pretty good. either going through security, kids are in the car, kicking off the shoes, this turns a lace-up into a slip on?

>> it does. these are called hickeys. my boys love these and they're older. they come in all different colors. they can make them their own and slip right on with ease.

>> that's really cool. now you want to keep the kids' minds engaged while you're traveling.

>> when they're plugged in, in the car, it's not just those games that are mindless. a new app called word winder. the game has been out but the app is brand new for kids 8 and older. it has a really intricate board. they just need to make words that wind all over and need to get from one end of the board to the other. great for older kids.

>> arts and crafts still one of the all time faves.

>> this is one of my favorites. play, draw, create. it's all self contained, perfect for the airplane. this is magnetic. they can use their little magnetic pieces.

>> the pieces aren't falling all over.

>> exactly. you can use a little ziploc bag for all the extra pieces.

>> folks at leap frog are busy at work.

>> this is a hot, hot toy right now. leap pad 2 and leapster gs. they're educational, but entertaining for the kids. they have a camera in them. kids can put themselves right into the stories they're creating.

>> that's pretty cool.

>> it's fun.

>> a bucket of snacks always a good idea.

>> little preproduction goes a long way, right? this is a backseat bucket filled with goodies. you can stuff their stockings or hanukkah nights with some fun things. these are called skeeter snacks, nut free. they're really yummy, invented by two dads. they're good little snack to have in the back. another good game i love, brain beats, educational cd.

>> need to have water or milk with those.

>> need a little dip, right? ? are you okay?

>> yeah, i'm good.

>> this is a new fun little critter who plays games. he tells stories and jokes and really interactive and fun.

>> you use your iphone with this?

>> iphone or ipod touch . if you're upgrading, give your kids your old one and then the content is always renewable. all right. ready? blanket meets puppet. my kids will do stuff for puppets that they won't do for me, even with me saying it. you need to buckle up your seat belt now. this is called cuddle up it. really snuggly for the road trip .

>> kiss me good night.

>> exactly. these are cuddle up its, new product. $20. really fun.

>> like getting your kids ready to graduate into the snuggy.

>> mine loved puppets when they were little .

>> fantastic.

>> this is a fun game called pajaggle that looks easy but is really challenging.

>> it doesn't look easy to me zblie thought it was easy until i started putting the pieces in. there's a timer. you can play it with somebody. you're just trying to get these different shaped piece.

>> they look similar.

>> but they're all different sizes and shapes.

>> try playing that with this.

>> exactly.

>> meredith sinclair, thank you so much. happy holidays .