TODAY   |  September 28, 2012

Is Hoffa’s body beneath Detroit-area driveway?

The latest stop in the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s body is the driveway of a ranch-style house in a northern suburb of Detroit, where investigators plan to take soil samples. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> mystery of jimmy hoffa 's disappearance. all eyes on a driveway in suburban detroit where authorities will dig in search of human remains . nbc's john yang is there for us. john, good morning.

>> reporter: the path for the search for jimmy hoffa has been a long and twisted one, and today it does come here to this driveway in suburban detroit . they are going to take soil samples today to see if the answer to the mystery lies here. more than 37 years after jimmy hoffa vanished without a trace the trail has led to this suburban home . an informant claims he saw a body buried her around the time hoffa went missing. he told dan muldea, the author of "the off anwar sadats."

>> very convinced hoffa is buried at this particular location.

>> we believe the witness saw something and it was credible enough that we have to continue the investigation at this point.

>> reporter: using ground-penetrating radar, authorities found signs of something about two feet under the driveway. today they will take a soil sample to look for evidence of human remains . hoffa was last seen outside a detroit -area restaurant in 1975 , apparently lured by two mob figures. since then the search has taken investigators to northern michigan , to giants stadium in new jersey, and to a farm outside detroit where in 2006 the fbi razed a 3,000-foot barn and dug under it. once the leader of the teamsters teamsters, the nation's largest union, hoffa 's connection to organized crime kept him in hot water.

>> i believe he was in a power struggle and was killed by an organized crime figure.

>> reporter: that possibility could also explain the long silence.

>> i mean, he's terrified right now. i can hear his voice trembling yesterday when i was talking to him.

>> reporter: could this be where the 37-year search for hoffa finally ends?

>> we have never advocate that had this is jimmy hoffa 's resting place. we're strictly investigating this as a cold case homicide, and that has been our focus since the beginning. if it somehow happens to be mr. hoffa , well, great, it will end a major mystery.

>> reporter: police say it will take about two hours to take a core soil sample that will be sent to a forensic anthropologist at michigan state university , and if they find signs of human remains , then they are going to dig this driveway up.

>> 37 years on still looking for jimmy hoffa . once again