TODAY   |  September 12, 2012

Mommy mishap: Model crashes stroller, stays on phone

The TODAY anchors, along with “America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel, take a look at photos of a British model who stayed on her cellphone even when her baby spilled out of a stroller. They also discuss whether the Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to drink water at a party could mean she’s pregnant.

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>> talent's" howie mandel . how are we doing?

>> i think we're doing fine.

>> i didn't mean to do that.

>> very exciting day. finals tonight, 9:00 live.

>> i know.

>> don't miss it.

>> and twitter handle again.

>> @howiemandel. i'll talk to you. i want to do the "take 3" thing, started watching it yesterday.

>> a lot of us who are parents have certainly had our not so fine parenting moments, and we saw one that sparked a lot of outrage around the world. there was a british mom, she's actually a journalist and a model, who was out with her baby in a stroller, 5-month-old baby in a stroller. her name is beaches geldoff, didn't have a peachy moment though. on the phone as the stroller hits a pothole. the baby falls out of the stroller.

>> the phone did not fall.

>> the phone stays glued to the ear so that's one of those moments where a lot of people are like drop the cell phone , pick up the child.

>> you're assuming from a picture that you know what was going on.

>> exactly.

>> she could have been on the phone minutes before that going listen, i want to drop the baby in a pothole, can you tell me where one is? to the left, to the right, the left, the right? got it. thank you so much. you don't know. don't judge.

>> don't read the picture. that is a good point, that you don't want to judge, because as i saw, that people on twitter were ferocious.

>> of course.

>> shocker.

>> but she's somebody the paparazzi are staking her out, and so they have caught that very bad moment where she was -- just happened to have the phone here, but she took care of the child. the child is fine.

>> right.

>> nobody worry.

>> we've all had this. we've all had moments.

>> no, i've been perfect.

>> a-ha.

>> can i get examles.

>> my son doing his homework last night and i was getting a little frustrating, like, josh, how -- you raise the voice.

>> drop him in a pothole?

>> no.

>> you raise the volume a little bit more than i should have or even once at a target when one of my children was having a total meltdown, i had a cart full of stuff and i just picked up my child and walked out and left the cart. bye, target. get him out of there. i was just so embarrassed.

>> my kid was in high school , one of my daughters was in high school , and i'm very conservative, you know. i went into a room.

>> you?

>> i went into a room and i found a film canister filled with what i believed was marijuana, and i went to the school and went to the principal, called her out of the office, took her home, dragged her out of the class, put the canister down and i said what is this, young lady , and she said my fish food .

>> oh, no, and i said that's what i thought it was, now get back to school!

>> there's a zero tolerance for fish food policy.

>> you got one, al? are you a perfect parent?

>> no, i'm not. but at least one of the kid, i won't say which one because then people will be looking at them, changing a diaper and you look away and the next thing you know they are under the bed, you know.

>> under the bed.

>> oh, you hear thud and they kind of roll.

>> that happens.

>> they are all right.

>> let's move on to the next one.

>> wow.

>> this just kills me, cover the royals a lot on this show.

>> right.

>> everybody is speculating that kate may be pregnant because she tasted some water.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> did you see that.

>> wants to stay hydrated.

>> they assume that she's pregnant.

>> as you heard, she just came off a long flight at this engagement.

>> she's drinking water .

>> she's drinking water . not drinking the local wine. another one of these other magazines had a big thing that says kate's expecting, and their evidence was that apparently on the back of her dress there was a stitch that looked like it had been taken out a little bit, a sash.

>> if that's the case, then i'm really pregnant.

>> you cannot gain a pound -- she's so thin. she is waif-like, and she can't gain a pound without people saying she's pregnant. look at her boobs, they look great.

>> people so concerned with other people's pregnancy, whether they are or not. when my wife was pregnant, she was like eight months, strangers in an elevator would put their hands on her and go when, when? and my wife, who is very funny, would go when what? and they would go, oh, i'm sorry, and she would never let on to the fact she was pregnant. nobody's business and people shouldn't be touching somebody and just because someone is drinking water we shouldn't speculate.

>> are we too obsessed with celebrity baby bumps?

>> yes.

>> i think we all agree but let us know how you feel about the subject, on our website.

>> some celebrities are just fat.

>> some are a little bloated.

>> right.

>> here's the quote, some is celebrities are just fat.

>> and many more are not pregnant.

>> yes.

>> move on.

>> al, let's talk about the drink you drink every morning.

>> people ever see this on camera?

>> oh, my gosh, might run away from you.

>> is that a solid or a liquid?

>> put a little too much in today, but i drink this stuff, and i put a lot of fresh ginger in it.

>> a lot of fresh ginger this it.

>> why?

>> i like the taste, anti-oxidants and helps -- ginger helps with digestion, it's an anti-inflammatory.

>> you haven't even taken three sips of that and in your third hour here.

>> my second.

>> this is a fermented drink , so what al is not telling you is that he's drinking a cocktail every morning.

>> got a buzz on right now.

>> fantastic.

>> i don't want to drink anything that i have to chew. look at you chewing after you take a sip.

>> i chew, it i do.

>> that's a lot of ginger though.

>> we had the segment earlier about taking supplements and all that. do you think it's work? you're willing to try anything.

>> i don't know if it works or if it's, you know, one of those things --

>> makes you feel good.

>> use the power of your mind to believe it's working.

>> what do you think it's done for you?

>> nothing.

>> look at his complexion. look at his complexion, he's glowing.

>> like a baby's bottom.

>> any secret potions, houry, that you drink?

>> i won't touch anything. i don't have any supplements. i'm gluten-free. i do that.

>> and germ-free.

>> i try to be germ-free. i'm not germ-free. the fact that i'm here today makes --

>> you're on this couch and you're on that chair.

>> we should have worn our bubble outfits.

>> howie mandel , thank you. want to remind everybody the final performances of "america's got talent" are tonight at 9:00 p.m . eastern, right here on nbc.