TODAY   |  May 09, 2012

Brooklyn Decker: Weird way I won ‘Battleship’ role

The actress and model chats about her very different roles as a naval officer in “Battleship” and as a pregnant trophy wife in “What to Expect When Your Expecting,” and reveals whether she and husband Andy Roddick have any baby plans of their own.

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>> but first we have a special treat . we get to say hello to, to an actress and former sports illustrated swimsuit cover model brooklyn decker , starring in the upcoming thriller called battleship. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> you spent a lot of time running from aliens in this movie.

>> i do, i do.

>> how is that?

>> it's funny. i learned to run much faster, after that. but you're basically running from men in pajamas. because it's all done on green screen . that's not scary. that's quite hilarious.

>> brooklyn, is it true that when you were first talked to about this role, they met you and then they thought, no, you're not tough enough for this?

>> that's exactly right. they kept bringing me and telling me i wasn't tough enough. i thought this is torture.

>> how did you convince them?

>> i had to make snot bubbles come through my nose.

>> can you --

>> can you do that right now?

>> that was not necessary.

>> i know.

>> it's so true. my director said --

>> i can't imagine that.

>> he said you have to make snot bubbles or the part is not yours. so i guess i went in the bathroom, blew my nose and somehow made snot bubbles come out.

>> you know, brooklyn, the second time we got the image. yeah, that was all right.

>> just picture it.

>> wow. there goes the glamorous --

>> that qualifies you for a role by the way, all my kids are going to be stars.

>> meanwhile you're in another movie out coming out as well, that's "what to expect when you're expecting." you play the perfectly expecting trophy wife that your daughter-in-law hates because she's having a hard time with her pregnancy. is that fun?

>> it was.

>> she's annoying?

>> my character is, yeah, and i was saying i'm setting the bar way too high for myself and every other woman. she's walking around in six inch heels.

>> and she's so happy dplp

>> so happy.

>> and she's so in love with her husband.

>> and it's so great being pregnant. everything's perfect.

>> so not right.

>> oh.

>> i know.

>> i know.

>> i saw this movie. i thought you were terrific.

>> thank you so much. thank you.

>> a lot of headlines or you got some attention recently about talking about your own desire to start a family?

>> one day, yes. one day. the question comes up because obviously with what to expect it's a part of the conversation. but not there yet. but i definitely see it in the future.

>> nice to see you. we'll just -- all the snot.

>> right.

>> i'd love to see that.

>> good luck, by the way, with the movie. the more very is called "battleship" and it's from our sister company universal studios , universal pictures , it opens on may 18th . now