TODAY   |  September 25, 2009

Remembering Tim Russert’s dad, ‘Big Russ’

Sept. 25: TODAY hosts reflect on the life of Timothy Joseph Russert, known as “Big Russ,” who died of natural causes at the age of 85.

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ANN CURRY, anchor: And the extended NBC family has lost much loved member. " Big Russ ," the father of our late colleague Tim Russert and the subject of the book " Big Russ and Me" died last night from natural causes with his family at his side. Timothy Russert , Big Russ , was 85 years old. So -- and first thought I had, you guys, was they're together again.

MATT LAUER, co-host: Yeah.

CURRY: It is now 7:12. Let's go back to Matt , Meredith and Al . Remember, there was a trading spaces -- places piece that Tim did about his father.

LAUER: Yeah.

AL ROKER reporting: Mm-hmm.

CURRY: Very poignant.

ROKER: Yeah.

LAUER: Wonderful guy, and our condolences and sympathies obviously go out to the Russert family once again.