These $13 pimple patches are sold every 2 minutes — and they work

Even experts approve of these mighty patches.
These patches are getting rave reviews.
These patches are getting rave reviews.Hero Cosmetics

Whether you're in your teens or well into adulthood, dealing with breakouts can be a stressful experience. Though your first instinct may be to head to the drugstore skin care aisle, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the treatments, cleansers and ointments that target unexpected pimples.

However, it seems that Amazon customers have found a new go-to product to deal with these emergencies — the Mighty Patch pimple patches by Hero Cosmetics.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch

The small clear dots are meant to be placed directly on a blemish and left on for a minimum of six hours. The patch is meant to extract pus and impurities and visibly reduce the appearance of a breakout.

According to the brand, a box of pimple patches sells every two minutes on Amazon and it also has over 1,000 positive reviews from customers.

One of those customers — TODAY Social Media Editor Helen Ray — told us she "loves them so much."

"These little suckers truly work," she said. "Not so much for big underneath-the-skin pimples, but for those pesky whiteheads, the patches will basically work overnight to get rid of the pimple without irritation or dryness."

Pimple patches are becoming a popular treatment for breakouts, and New York-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner thinks these type of hydrocolloid patches can help aid in the healing process.

"Hydrocolloid dressings have long been used in wound care," Zeichner told TODAY. "You can think about an angry pimple like a wound in the skin. Applying a hydrocolloid patch to it will help absorb excess fluid and protect it from the environment, allowing it to heal optimally. It also forms a protective barrier that will prevent you from picking it."

Style expert Bobbie Thomas is also a fan of these types of treatments, saying that the pimple patch trend can be especially helpful for reducing further irritation.

"I think the patches can help folks who to tend to 'pick,'" Thomas told us. "It can be a barrier/reminder to leave it alone, which ultimately will help you to avoid making the area worse."

Though Thomas didn't have a specific recommendation for the Mighty Patch, she pointed out that other great options are also available from brands like Peace Out, ZitSticka, Cosrx and Starface.

With so many options available, it should be easy to have a few of these "game changers" on hand for any future emergencies!

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