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The best shower caddy for the eucalyptus shower trend

Prep your shower for the TikTok eucalyptus trend — or just upgrade your bathroom style.
Illustration of the KINCMAX Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf filled with products and eucalyptus leaves hanging over shower
Courtesy Terri Peters
/ Source: TODAY

Whenever I watch TikTok videos, I inevitably swipe up and see an ambitious TikTokker revamping their shower by hanging a spray of eucalyptus in hopes of giving their bathroom a spa-like vibe.

The eucalyptus is supposed to release essential oils and turn the shower into a full aromatherapy experience. Many on the social media app claim the vapors from the plant help with everything from congestion to relaxation. And more than the calming benefits, it just looks nice. Several shared stunning before and after photos of their newly greened showers, the eucalyptus hanging down from the perfect gathering of farmhouse twine.

I was ready for all of those things, but I had one important question: How do I hang eucalyptus from my shower head when I've already got a shower caddy there?

Enter TikTok user @kimsterrrs, who shared a video last month showing herself “upgrade” her shower by removing her old caddy and replacing it with a set of adhesive shelves.

I was intrigued.

After doing some research, I found the KINCMAX Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf on Amazon and was impressed with its reviews. Nearly 12,000 people have given the shelf a five-star rating, and at less than $30, it seemed worth a try. I quickly added the polished silver set to my cart and checked out.

KINCMAX Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf

When they arrived, I took down my old shower caddy and went to work.

Courtesy Terri Peters

The stainless steel shelves come with adhesive panels and four metal hooks, which hang on the front of the shelves and hold things like loofahs and shower brushes.

The adhesive panels, which have three plastic hooks across to affix the shelves to, stuck easily to my shower walls. Although the instructions recommend waiting 12 hours before adding the shelves to the adhesive stripes, I went for it right away. I adhered the panels side-by-side, below my shower head and snapped each shelf into place.

Amazon Kingmax Shower Shelves
Courtesy Terri Peters

After piling in my shampoos and body washes and hanging sponges from the hooks, I waited to see if the shelves would hold.

They did.

Next, it was time to head to the grocery store for some eucalyptus, which I rolled with a rolling pin to better release the natural oils, and tied with twine — pretty enough, it would make any TikTokker proud. I hung it up and started my shower, and could not believe the fragrant eucalyptus steam that filled my bathroom.

Not only did the shelves stick to the wall perfectly and allow me to make room for the eucalyptus, but they also just look better than my previous shower caddy. My shower feels more organized and the fresh eucalyptus scent fills my bathroom and bedroom constantly.

A fresh-smelling shower and a more visually appealing way to organize it? I'll take it!

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