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Shop the Old Navy PowerSoft Joggers going viral on TikTok

Reviewers are flipping out over these soft, stretchy and super-stylish pants.
Image of Writer Megan duBois wearing Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft 7/8-Length Joggers and an image of the joggers
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Megan duBois / Old Navy

As a full-time travel and lifestyle journalist, I'm always on the hunt for high-quality and comfortable athleisure wear. Whether I'm working from home or on the go, I need clothing that can work in any environment or unpredictable occasion — like just recently, when I had to leave the comfort of my office to walk the grounds of a theme park, with no time to change in between.

Since athleisure has become such a huge fashion trend, I recently turned to TikTok for some comfy attire inspiration. It didn't take long in my search to come across the hashtag #oldnavyjoggers and the thousands of videos raving about the retailer's super-popular PowerSoft bottoms.

Although I typically run around in shorts most days to beat the Florida heat, there are many places — like a cold hotel room or chilly restaurant — where a long-length pair of joggers could come in handy. Before adding to cart, I did a little more digging and discovered that the joggers had over 2,400 five-star reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating.

I ordered a pair on the spot.

Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft 7/8-Length Joggers

Soft and stretchy fabric

A common thought amongst most of the reviewers: They love how inexpensive these pants are, especially compared to the luxury-like price tags found on most quality loungewear pieces today. So, I knew I needed to try these affordable Old Navy options for myself.

When the joggers arrived, I was immediately drawn to the fabric, which is made from a super-soft and stretchy polyester and spandex blend. It also features a high elastic waistband, perfect for pairing with a cool crop top for working out or with a casual T-shirt for lounging at home.

I ordered the pinky-orange Myrrh style, and I'm glad I did — the popular shade is almost sold out. But don't worry, there are plenty of other fun colors and patterns to choose from, including a subtle pastel blue, a neutral caramel and a zebra stripe design. Depending on which style you choose, you can expect to pay between $27 and $40.

I love the fit!

At first glance, I noticed that the hip area looked quite large underneath the waistband where the pockets are. This was mostly due to the pocket construction, and I hoped that it didn’t make me look like I instantly gained 10 pounds. However, once I put the joggers on, I loved how they fit. I found that the area that caused me some initial concern sat flat against my hips and enhanced my shape. The joggers also fit perfectly lengthwise, stopping at the ankle with a fitted cuff.

Image of writer Megan duBois wearing Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft 7/8-Length Joggers
"I love how comfortable these are to sit in for long time periods at my desk."Courtesy Megan duBois

I wear the joggers most while working at home, doing laundry, and preparing dinner. I love how comfortable these are to sit in for long time periods at my desk, as well as how they don’t feel restraining while bending over to swap out loads of laundry. Because the material is so stretchy, the waistband never digs into my skin while I move around. And because the waistband sits so high, I never have to pull them up when I leave my chair or finish other chores that require me to bend up and down.

They have pockets, but ...

Typically, I love having pockets sewn into everything, but the ones on these joggers are just a little too big. I prefer them to be smaller and more tight-fitting to my legs. I move a lot throughout the day, constantly walking from my desk to the kitchen and sometimes even to the Peloton for a quick ride. I don't want to worry about my phone or other items falling out of my pockets, which is exactly how I felt while wearing these pants.

Overall, I would agree with reviewers that the Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft Joggers are worth the hype. They combine fashion and comfort in a way that is still economical for most shoppers. With these joggers, you’ll be living your best comfy-casual life, and I’m definitely buying more for when the weather here in Florida starts to cool off.

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