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This $7 cooling shirt keeps me dry and comfortable in the summer heat

You get two for the price of one!
Woman wearing Hanes cooling tshirt
Katie Jackson / TODAY

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I'm a sucker for clothing described as "cool." No, I'm not talking about "cool" as in "trendy" — I'm talking about temperature.

Earlier this summer I tried (and loved) a bestselling freezer dress from Columbia Sportswear. Last year, I felt like I won the lingerie lottery when I found an amazing wireless cooling bra at Soma Intimates. Most recently, I came across a "cool" workout shirt on Amazon. Did I need a new workout shirt? No — but here's why I ordered it anyway.

Hanes Sport Cool Dri Performance V-Neck Tee

It has nearly 2,500 verified reviews

I'm also a sucker for anything with thousands of reviews. I don't know if it's because I'm a Gemini, but I'm not an early adopter. I like the products I buy to be tried, tested and true. So the Hanes Sport Cool Dri Performance V-Neck Tee caught my eye when I realized it has nearly 2,500 verified Amazon reviews. It's also sixth on Amazon's list of Bestsellers in Women's Athletic Shirts and Tees. Furthermore, Hanes currently also has the No. 3 spot with the long-sleeved version of this tee. Of course, the 4.1-star average rating was also impressive — though not quite as impressive as the price.

Katie Jackson

I get two shirts for $7!

The last time I found a quality shirt for less than $4, I was either at a garage sale or considering buying a really odd size or strange color at a clearance rack. When I ordered this shirt, I was expecting to get one for $7, which I thought was a good deal. However, when I found two in my package, I realized I'd gotten a great deal.

These shirts come in seven colors, though I decided to keep it simple and go with black. It's not normally a color I wear during the heat of summer, but this shirt promised to be different than normal shirts.

It keeps me cool and dry

Katie Jackson

This shirt is part of the Hanes Sport Cool Dri collection, which features clothing made of 100% "performance" polyester that is designed to wick away moisture. While this shirt doesn't feel cool to the touch, it doesn't seem to absorb the sun (or my sweat) the way a normal cotton T-shirt would. In fact, I've been able to wear mine out in the midday heat here in Northern Portugal where the sun can be quite strong. That's why I also appreciate that the material is UPF 50+ and is designed to block 98% of the sun's harmful rays.

Katie Jackson

I also wear these shirts around the house. I'm currently staying in Porto's historic center, which dates back to the 11th Century. My ancient apartment is beautiful, but it's also damp. Fortunately, this shirt keeps me cool even when the high humidity causes my cereal boxes to go soft. The fabric is so moisture-wicking that I could spill something on it and not even realize I'd spilled something before it dries!

If the shirt fits, get it

Katie Jackson

Did I really need to buy another workout shirt (or two)? No. But I was taught that if the shoe, or the shirt, fits (and feels right) then you get it and don't regret it — especially if it's a steal. From the roomy neckline to the wide sleeves that let me flex and admire my biceps without ripping anything, I love how this shirt fits. Of course, most importantly, I love how it feels. Does it keep me cool and dry? Yes. Does it make me work out longer, faster and harder? No comment.

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