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Prime Day 2021 last-minute savings: Major deals on Levi Strauss jeggings

These jeans are so flattering and comfortable.
Woman standing on front of wardrobe holding stack of blue jeans
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I've been overpaying for designer denim since my freshman year of high school. I'm not proud of it, but I once paid $250 for baggy boyfriend-style jeans with holes in them that my grandma couldn't believe I splurged on.

I decided to take a much-needed break with tradition and try a pair of jeans that didn't break my budget. So, I ordered Amazon's No. 1 pair of bestselling jeans that have thousands of rave reviews. And did I mention they happen to be on sale for less than $20 during Prime Day for Amazon Prime members?

That's right, Amazon Prime Day 2021, an annual shopping event created by Amazon, is finally here, and the discount on this pair of Levi Strauss and Co. jeggings is just one of many fashion deals dropping during the next two days. So, if you're looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe without spending a fortune, this Levi's sale is a good place to start.

Amazon Prime Day: Levi Strauss and Co. jeggings sale

Signature by Levi Strauss and Co. Gold Label Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans

They're from Levi Strauss and Co.

OK. Levi Strauss and Co. isn't the designer label I'm used to — but it's still a brand name. After all, Levi Strauss invented jeans. His company has been making them since the 1870s. Besides the name recognition, I chose these jeans because they are a bestseller in the Women's Jeans category and are wallet-friendly. They have a 4.2-star average rating from more than 61,000 reviews and are "Amazon's Choice" for slip-on jeans for women.

They're actually "jeggings"

the waist of my Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Skinny Jeans
Katie Jackson

Before I sing the praises of these pants, I need to confess one thing: Yes, they're actually jeggings. I think I laughed out loud the first time I heard the term. I certainly never thought I'd buy a pair. But here I am in 2021 wondering why I didn't jump on the jeggings train sooner. I used to work at Lululemon and I've always been a fan of leggings because they're so soft and stretchy. On the contrary, I hate how stiff and constricting denim can be.

side view of my Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Skinny Jeans
Katie Jackson

While I wish these had real front pockets instead of faux pockets, the fact that they feel like leggings more than makes up for it. My biggest concern was that they'd look like fake jeans — but they don't! As long as I'm wearing a shirt — like this casual summertime essential — that is long enough to cover the waistband, it's impossible to tell I'm wearing a comfortable cotton and polyester blend with a touch of elastane instead of denim. Elastane is the fabric that makes Lycra and Spanx so stretchy.

I can do everything from sitting to walking around in them

wearing my Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Skinny Jeans in Harmony water-less
Katie Jackson

My biggest complaint about most jeans, especially high-rise jeans, is that they're uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. However, these jeans feel like leggings, so I can sit in almost any position for hours without feeling like I need to undo the top button.

wearing my Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Skinny Jeans while sightseeing in Porto, Portugal

I also wore them while sightseeing in Portugal a couple of summers ago. On most days, I walked at least six miles and climbed at least six flights of stairs. These "jeans" aren't too heavy, and they don't chafe if I start to sweat. They're definitely more moisture-wicking than traditional denim. And because they don't have holes in them, I can wear them into cathedrals, museums and in nicer restaurants without feeling like I might be violating a dress code.

I could buy a pair in every color and would still be saving money

These jeans come in eight colors, including four blue denim washes, a sleek shade of black and a wine color I'm planning on ordering. In fact, I could buy a pair in each color and still be spending less than I would on just one pair of my designer denim, thanks to this Amazon Prime Day discount. I know quality and comfort trumps quantity, but with these jeans, I can have all three.

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