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This Keurig K-Mini, now 47% off for Prime Day

It’s selling fast for Amazon Prime Day — here's why we love it.
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Spending so much time at home has made me realize that spending $6 on coffee every morning is a habit that isn't entirely necessary. To cut down on this daily splurge, I've spent less time at my local drive-thru and started to brew my own joe at home.

While I was living at home, that meant using the beloved Keurig machine that has graced my family's kitchen counter. After moving into my own apartment, though, I sadly realized I could not take my mother's coffee maker with me. I've become a loyal fan of the brand over the last few years, so I knew I needed my own and opted for the most affordable option available: the Keurig K-Mini.

This little machine has been a game-changer in my life, and now it can be one in yours, too. While it was already rather affordable, now it's on sale for Amazon Prime Day for almost half off. You won't want to miss this deal — let me explain.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Though it's much smaller than the Keurig I had at home, it gets the job done and can make a hot cup of coffee in a matter of minutes, which is all I need. It's quickly become the centerpiece of my home office and I can't live without it for a number of reasons.

It doesn't take up a lot of space

My biggest concern was finding a reliable coffee maker that wasn't going to take up too much space in my small work area; in fact, I only had room to fit it on my bookshelf. The length of the Keurig K-Mini not only fits perfectly, but it also leaves me with plenty of room to show off some other pieces of decor on the same shelf. Size was the biggest factor in my decision, so I was even more shocked when I realized how wide the K-Mini is. It's about as wide as two of my statistics textbooks, but weighs even less than those two paperweights combined.

Since it doesn't consume a ton of counter space, that also means it doesn't have all of the unnecessary fancy buttons and functions like other Keurig machines. This machine has one water reservoir that is big enough to fit one cup of water, and it only features two buttons: one to turn the K-Mini on, and another to brew a fresh cup of coffee. I knew this was all I needed before I set out to purchase the coffee maker, so I didn't mind that it was designed to fill one coffee mug.

coffee brewing in keurig
Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

It isn't an eyesore

I also needed my coffee maker to serve as a sleek piece of decor. I opted for a sleek, matte black model to keep a neutral color palette, but the machine is also available in gray, oasis blue and dusty rose that would be more suitable for a kitchen rather than a working space.

I knew any coffee maker that I purchased would have to remain in my home office all day long. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't mind it becoming a centerpiece in the room, but it couldn't be too obstructive or distracting to be in the background of my video calls during the day. The K-Mini was clearly designed for people like me who are equally short on time and space but can't live without their morning caffeine fix.

It allows me to multitask

The monster of a Keurig that I used back at home took several minutes to heat up, which gave me enough time to gather my belongings in the morning before heading back to the kitchen to grab my travel mug. I was relieved to find that the Keurig K-Mini works at the same speed as the classic model. I can fill the reservoir with enough water for a single cup and press brew, then come back to a piping mugful by the time I throw some bread in the toaster and head back upstairs.

While I know other coffee makers allow you to set the time you want your morning cup of coffee brewed by, I am a Keurig loyalist and prefer to have my coffee made at the press of a button sans filters and messy grinds rather than the other way around.

While my only qualm is that K-Cup packaging is not entirely environmentally friendly, sacrifices sometimes need to be made for convenience. If anything, you can always snag a reusable filter to make your own fresh brews at home without all of the tiny plastic cups.

Though I can't fit a travel mug under the spout like I can at home, I don't have many places to be at the moment. For now, I'll stick with my trusty ceramic mug and keep my coffee at the ready with a press of a button.

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