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Dread the summer heat? These affordable cooling products can help

Beat the heat with these expert-approved products.

When you're not at the beach or the pool, staying cool in the summer isn't always easy. Whether you're dealing with a hot car or night sweats while you sleep, the rising temperatures can be uncomfortable.

TODAY welcomed lifestyle expert Evette Rios to share affordable ways to stay cool on some of the hottest days of the year. With help from breathable neck gaiters, portable fans, misting kits and more, you don't have to dread the summer heat anymore.

Shop her picks to help keep you and your family cool, calm and collected this summer.

Best cooling products for summer

1. Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter

The Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter is made with a fabric that instantly cools down when you soak it in water and ring it out. When the temperatures rise, it's designed to keep you feeling refreshed and can serve as a face covering when you can't social distance.

2. Obuby Sprinkler and Splash Play Mat

Keep the kids cool and entertained with this fun splash pad. Simply attach your garden hose to the side of the pad and watch it squirt water into the air. It's also decorated in letters and animals to help your little one learn while they play.

Want a DIY alternative to the Obuby sprinkler? Rios recommends connecting a water noodle to your hose, poking some holes in the sides and hanging it from a tree.

3. The Full Body Fan Cooled Car Cushion

When you're running errands or driving the kids around, the last thing you want to deal with is a hot car. This cooled car cushion has a built-in ventilation system that pulls in air and forces it out through a set of individual vents.

4. Orbit 12-inch Portable Mist Cooling Kit

If you enjoy sitting on your patio but can't stand the summer heat, you can install this portable mister to keep you cool. It screws onto a standard garden faucet and comes with hanging buckles so you can attach it to an umbrella, the side of your home or a balcony.

5. Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

These breathable cotton sheets from Buffy are made with eucalyptus fibers that are designed to be cool to the touch. They're also made with sustainable materials and get softer with every wash.

6. Columbia Ice Fiber Down Alternative Bed Pillow

If you find yourself flipping your pillow multiple times to find the "cool" side, Rios recommends this pick. It's filled with a down-alternative material that's crafted for breathability. For an added barrier against the heat, it's covered in a quilted cooling cover made with polyester fiber.

Rios says these pillows are "a dream come true" for hot sleepers!

7. Honeywell Dreamweaver Sleep Fan

Rios recommends boosting airflow in your room with this portable sleep fan from Honeywell. It's also equipped with a shut-off timer and includes a USB charging port built right into the unit.

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