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8 expert-approved ways to hang everything from photos to curtains

Put away the hammers and drills. Here are simple and affordable hanging tips.

Make the most of being indoors by giving your space a little makeover — and the easiest way to do this by hanging everything from photos to curtains. But before you start, you'll need the right products to ensure your hanging project doesn't come crashing down.

Lifestyle expert Jill Bauer joined TODAY to share her favorite hanging tips. "There's not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to hanging," she notes. However, there are a few top-rated products that don't involve a hammer or drill to help you organize and decorate with ease.

Read on to eliminate any "hang-ups" you may have about hanging things around your home.

1. Elmer's Tac 'N Stik Reusable Adhesive

Whether you want to show off the kids' drawings or family pictures, this reusable adhesive is a good place to start. "You roll it into balls, put it on the back of photos, and that then allows you the ability to create your own family collage on the front of a refrigerator," said Bauer.

Since it's easy to remove, you can reorganize your DIY collage whenever you want to switch it up.

2. Monkey Hook Picture Hangers

If the walls in your home are constructed with drywall, you can hang picture frames and decor with these nifty hooks. Just find the spot where you want to hang your piece, push the hook into the wall and rotate it so that the small end points upward.

"No tools, easy to do and it leaves a very little mark if you ever need to take it out," said Bauer of this easy solution.

3. Bronze Command Hook

Bauer likes to use these sturdy hooks to organize clutter around her home. This one can hold up to five pounds, and she recommends using it to hang kitchen towels under the sink and hairdryer cords in the bathroom.

4. Small Wire Command Hooks

Bauer makes use of these small wire hooks for hanging smaller, lightweight items. Each one can hold things like necklaces, hats or keys and they cleanly come off the wall with the pull of a tab.

5. Quntis Suction Cup Hooks

These are Bauer's favorite hooks for hanging towels in the bathroom. They suction onto glass or tile, providing a place to organize shower essentials like scrubbing brushes and loofas. While they're ideal for smooth bathroom surfaces, they won't stick to porous or uneven walls.

6. Magnets 2-Pack

Hanging decor on your front door? Simplify the task with this innovative hook. "If you have a storm door or glass insets in your door front door, I love using these powerful magnets," said Bauer.

She places one on the inside of the glass and one on the outside. The result? A strong and sturdy place to hang a festive wreath.

7. Holiday Joy Metal Brick Clip Fastener Hooks

If you're faced with the task of hanging something on brick, Bauer has a simple trick that doesn't involve drilling into tough rock.

"These are called brick clip fasteners — they're so easy to use," she said of her go-to solution. The hooks latch right onto your brick and can hold up to 25 pounds of weight.

8. Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Bracket

Bauer found these cool curtain rod brackets that fit around the wood trim of a window to avoid drilling into drywall. The brackets fit snugly onto the wood, providing a secure base for a rod and curtains.

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