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I can't believe how comfortable this Amazon party dress is, and it's under $40

This dress turns heads — trust me.
Courtesy Danielle Murphy

I'll be honest. Christmas and its Eve are not glamorous holidays in my household. The dress code leans more towards sweats, leggings, maybe denim if you're feeling bold. Our loyalty to getting cozy and staying that way, from morning gifts to dinnertime, is strong — and isn't going anywhere.

However ... one of my siblings hosted a New Year's Eve get-together this past year, and I didn't want to waste this chance to finally gussy up. I'd been on the hunt for something chic but comfortable, classy but not flashy, so I did as I always do when in need of options — I hopped on Amazon.

BerryGo Boho V-Neck Ruffle Wrap Maxi Dress

The quality finds I come across on this retailer's site never cease to astound me, and I can add this gorgeous maxi dress to the list. It checks all the boxes in terms of style, fit and price — and with 55 colors and patterns to choose from, there's no doubt I'll be returning for more. But here's why it's a must-have for every type of party.

It's subtle but stunning

Since I was preparing for an at-home soiree, my goal wasn't to find an OTT outfit. Meaning, I didn't want daring slits, feather detailing or sparkling material you could spot from space. (Though, when I attend a future event that calls for the whole shebang, I'm sure Amazon will pull through for me again.) The velvet fabric of this BerryGo dress hit the perfect note. Along with the vertical line design, it gave off a certain amount of casual elegance that was versatile enough to be paired with simple boots or sky-high heels and statement jewelry.

Due to its wrap-tie style, there is a leg slit, but its "sexy" factor can be customized. Wrap it looser for a more revealing look, or do as I did and maneuver the bottom layer of the dress so that it's more secure and less skin shows. That being said, I still wouldn't spin with abandon on the dance floor without wearing some shaping shorts underneath.

Courtesy Danielle Murphy

The empire waist fit is a bonus, since I think that style looks the most flattering on me. The wrap feature lends to even more customization in the neckline, where you can control how deep you prefer the end point to land. And I'm just as obsessed with the ruffled flare sleeves, especially since they have the same silhouette as the skirt portion and make my arms look slender.

I never knew dresses could be this comfortable

I don't know about you, but when I think about traditional holiday outfits, I'm immediately brought back to my younger days of itchy skirts and material so heavy that it felt like I was wearing sauna sleeves. So, I had high expectations for comfort — and like I mentioned, this was a house party. My goal was to find something that will withstand dancing, dart throwing and then a few cat naps and late-night couch crashes.

Along with the soft velvet fabric (and I mean soft), the dress also consists of elastane, which gives it quite a lot of stretch. In fact, I can feel the material literally bounce around my legs while walking up and down stairs. It's lightweight enough to make it easy to move around in, but it still offers enough weight to provide a good amount of warmth.

My favorite part was the openness of the sleeves; my biggest pet peeve for winter dresses usually comes from that area in particular. We need longer sleeves because it's cold, but even the smallest amount of sweat has a way of showing through the top of most dresses. The flowing sleeves of this dress don't crowd my underarms, but their length gives the perfect amount of coverage. (Not enough coverage for you? Grab the same velvet style with long sleeves!)

BerryGo Wrap Maxi Dress with Long Sleeves

While l loved the style of the irregular hemline, I did notice that the back length is a bit longer than I'd prefer. Whenever I moved a certain way, I would sometimes step on the material, so I had to adjust to the dress's flowiness. If the brand ever comes out with "short" sizes, I'll be first in line. (But, for now, maybe the longer hemline will come in handy when I can't find a blanket during one of those previously mentioned naps.)

Whether you're last-minute shopping for an upcoming event or are thinking about jazzing your style for all the parties to come in 2023, this dress takes the cake. With the amount of colors, styles and sizes it comes in, there's something for everyone and for every occasion.