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I don't have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions, thanks to these $12 dress weights

Windy weather won't keep me from dressing up this season.
Model wearing a dress weight
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

If you live in a big city, you know skyscraper-induced wind tunnels are a girl’s worst nightmare. I love to wear dresses because they make it effortless to look and feel good. But when fickle weather conditions enter the equation, my love for a fashionable dress falters.

This distress — and hours of scrolling through shopping TikTok — led me to a clever solution: garment weights. Conceived by the minds behind Dress Downs, a company that invents “original fashion solutions created for women, by women," these tools are designed to keep clothing secure in every windy situation. Best of all, they don't require sewing, ironing or gluing.

Dress Downs Garment Weight

They’re lightweight but effective

After putting on my most lightweight dress, I stripped the garment weights of their disposable protective cover and attached two (from the pack of four) to my dress. The brand does not recommend an ideal number of weights, only to apply "as needed." Though using all four would provide complete protection from wardrobe mishaps, two got the job done for me on most moderately windy days.

Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Once the weights were attached, I could barely feel them. After a few minutes, I even felt the need to check to make sure they were still there. (They were!)

Placement is key

On my first attempt, I noticed that I could see the weights on my dress when I looked in the mirror. After trying out a few placements, I found they were most effective and least visible when stuck as close to the hem as possible. This sweet spot made all the difference, allowing my flowing dress to hang by my sides in a manner that allowed natural movement without it unexpectedly flying up.

Pro tip: Repeated fidgeting and reapplication can wear down the weights' adhesive. Once you find the ideal resting spot, don't remove them until you are ready to take off the garment you applied them to. The longer the weights remain, the sturdier they stick. This is also key for the dress weights to last for multiple wears.

Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

While the weights were incredibly sticky the first time I used them and lasted for two or three future wears, the strength of their adhesive decreased as I reused them. This is to be expected. Luckily, the brand thought of a solution to this problem as well, designing a crafted garment tape specifically tailored to renew the adhesive on your Dress Downs weights.

They work on all fabrics

Though you likely won't need the weights for your heavier holiday accessories or sweater dresses, they are still made for safe use on all materials, according to the brand. I applied them to dresses, skirts and scarves made from viscose, cotton, 100 percent polyester and blended materials, all of which the weights held onto nicely. And when they were removed, they didn't leave behind any residue or damage my clothing. (Though, some fuzz from my clothes did stick to a bit of the adhesive.)

If anything, my style confidence is at its peak. I no longer have to worry about my dress flying up during a windy commute or while running to catch the train. I can count on these weights to keep everything in place. In the words of the brand, I'll never have a "Marilyn moment" to speak of. And that's fine with me.