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People on TikTok love this $5 e.l.f. concealer

If I can't get a full night's sleep, this concealer helps me fake it.
This $5 concealer makes it look like I get a full night's rest.
This $5 concealer makes it look like I get a full night's rest.

Like most people, I haven't slept much since March 2020 and I spend more time in my home lately than I do outside of it. During the week, I don't like to put on a full face of makeup just to jump on a video call – but I still want to look put together (or at least like I got eight hours of sleep).

So, I’ve been searching for an under-eye product that could fake a refreshed look. I found just that as I was scrolling on TikTok a few weeks ago (like I find most amazing things).

In the video, which currently has more than 10,000 likes, a woman showed herself putting a few strokes of this $5 concealer from e.l.f. under her eyes and it instantly brightened up her face. After scrolling through the comments, I saw that plenty were raving about the product. It's only available at Ulta and e.l.f., but the praise was so high, I decided to spend the extra dollars on shipping and have it sent to my door (and I also received free hand sanitizer as a gift).

e.l.f. Cosmetics Flawless Brightening Concealer

It got rid of my dark circles

When choosing a shade, I opted for something lighter that would improve the appearance of my dark circles with a bare face. The concealer is available in 12 shades that range from fair to rich and in cool, neutral and warm undertones. I used my best judgment and chose Light 23 C, which has cool peach undertones.

I found the formula to be buildable, so I can increase coverage when I need to – but a little bit goes a long way. With just a few strokes my under eyes immediately looked visibly brighter. Underneath my glasses, you could hardly even tell that my dark circles were there. And there was no flaking or creasing – a common occurrence for me when I use concealer since under my eyes tends to be a bit dry.

Just one coat makes a huge difference!
Just one coat makes a huge difference! Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

It's easy to apply

Concealers I've used in the past have a sponge or stick tip, which force me to dirty my makeup brushes in order to apply it evenly. I like that this concealer has a brush tip for easier application and doesn't come out in big, wet globs.

All you have to do is press the end of the pen one or two times and then start applying the makeup to problem areas. I apply it to the inner and outer corners of my eyes (another hack that I picked up from TikTok). While you can finish by blending it out with a concealer brush, I prefer to use the tips of my fingers for a more natural finish.

It's easy to apply thanks to the brush applicator.
It's easy to apply thanks to the brush applicator. Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

It's made with skin-loving ingredients

The vegan formula is free of parabens, sulfates and other harmful additives. Instead, it is packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which work to moisturize and actually improve the appearance of uneven skin tones – instead of just masking dark circles.

I've been using this concealer for a few weeks now and have already noticed improvements in the skin under my eyes. In fact, some days I feel confident enough to not apply it at all, since my under-eye shadows have been minimized.

As someone with sensitive skin, eye creams and serums typically cause irritation, but this has not caused any problems with my skin. And the formula is so lightweight that at times I forget I even applied it (until I look in the mirror and wonder where the bags under my eyes went).

Though I prefer a thicker concealer for days when I put on a full face of makeup, this affordable option is the perfect little touch-up for the days where I want to look put together without going all out — and especially for those 30 minute work video calls.

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