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By Megan Foster

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As the chilly weather makes its way into the fall forecast, the dry air and cold temperatures tend to take a toll on formerly smooth skin. Changing the climate is one solution to the dry skin issue, but adding a simple step to your shower routine might be an easier option.

Last week, style expert Bobbie Thomas visited TODAY to talk about some of her favorite products she uses every day. Amid root concealers and multiuse brushes, were a pack of exfoliating gloves that Bobbie swears by for achieving what Jenna considers "some of the softest skin there is."

At under $7 for a four-pack, it's understandable why these are a staple in Bobbie's bathroom and in the bathrooms of hundreds of Amazon customers — my own included. The bundle we found currently has 522 customer reviews, with some buyers claiming that they noticed a big change in the texture of their skin after just one use.

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Exfoliating Scrub Gloves

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Exfoliating gloves have been around for ages, but the benefits of these bright shower accessories aren't totally well-known. According to Healthline, regularly exfoliating can eliminate flaky skin, scrub off dead skin cells, and prevent unwanted ingrown hairs with a simple scrubbing motion.

Bobbie says that most exfoliating gloves do the job — and they can be purchased from stores like Ulta, Target and Walmart. She also notes that if you require a stronger exfoliant, you may want to opt for a more abrasive option like these shrinking square mitts.

I've been using these gloves for the past year and I can honestly feel a difference in the health of my skin. The process doesn't take any longer than it would if I were to wash my body with my hands alone, so adding this simple step to my morning routine hasn't been an issue at all. The smoothness is one thing, but I can also say that I've seen a brighter appearance in my skin after daily use.

"Why I need this? All of the lotions, the self-tanners, everything — it's the best way to get your skin kind of exercising," Bobbie told the TODAY Team. And with the gloves clocking in at under $1.75 per pair for the four-pack, the small investment is just what you need for the chilly months ahead.

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