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Make time for self-care with 22 Bobbie Thomas-approved products

From dry brushes to hair treatments, these items are what's new in beauty.

As the seasons change, so do our self-care routines. While the summer months may have called for tinted moisturizers and foot peels, we'll now have to adjust our beauty regimens to meet the demands of the fall season.

The cooler months call for different hairstyles and at-home spa days — and you won't have to search far to find the best products for the job. TODAY style contributor Bobbie Thomas shared some of the newest and most noteworthy items in beauty with Hoda and Jenna, including everything from color-perfecting hair treatments to full-body exfoliation tools and massage guns.

No matter your beauty concern, Thomas found all of the affordable options you'll need to address them.

Hair all about it

At-home hair care is one of the easiest ways to keep your tresses looking their best until your next appointment. Whether you've opted for a boxed dye treatment or have been relying on quick fixes to conceal gray roots, taking a chance on a new look doesn't have to be daunting. Luckily, there are some options on the market that can help reverse a bad hair-dye experience.

1. Color Oops Hair Color Remover

If you've dyed your hair darker than you were expecting to, Color Oops can help reverse some of the damage. It works by shrinking hair dye molecules in just 20 minutes, so all you have to do is wash them away. The ammonia-free formula can also remove unwanted tints and off-tone colors from hair without damaging it. In fact, the formula is so gentle that you can re-color your hair the same day.

Get rid of brassy hair

A purple-pigmented shampoo or mask is a must-have for blonde hair. The purple hue can help minimize yellow and brassy undertones until your next salon visit.

1. L'Oreal Paris Elvive Purple Shampoo

Neutralize brassy hair in the shower with every wash by using this purple shampoo once a week. Leave it on for up to five minutes for vibrant and nourished strands.

2. Shimmer Lights Violet Toning Mask

This toning mask is formulated with lavender extract and coconut oil, two ingredients that work to soothe damaged hair. It can be used on highlighted, silver and blonde hair to neutralize brass and condition.

3. Joico Blonde Life Violet Smoothing Foam

Joico's soothing foam can be applied to wet hair up to two times a week in order to minimize brassy tones in blonde hair. Ingredients such as arginine and monoi oil help to rebuild hair and protect it from damage between applications.

4. Kerastase Blond Absolu Heat Protecting Serum

This heat-protecting serum from Kerastase can be used on straight, wavy, curly and coily hair in order to protect strands from breakage and heat of up to 450 degrees. The lightweight formula helps to reveal blonde results after blow-drying or air-drying.

5. Kerastase Blond Absolu Overnight Recovery Treatment

This nourishing serum works overnight while you sleep to leave you with softer, hydrated hair. There's no need to rinse — the orange blossom-scented formula will keep your hair looking and smelling its best until your next wash.

6. Amika Mixtape Hair Color Drops

If you're looking to give your hair a sun-kissed treatment before summer is over, these color drops can add warmth when applied on light to medium-blonde hair. The ultra-concentrated formula can be mixed with your go-to cream or oil-based product to reveal a vibrant, radiant shade.

At-home treatments

Olaplex's latest at-home treatments were designed to give you salon-quality results — and they've been met with rave reviews.

1. Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment

If you're looking for a low-maintenance at-home hair treatment, this kit can address hair concerns in just 10 minutes. You simply apply it to your dry hair to help repair damaged strands. For optimal results, Olaplex's No. 0 treatment should be followed with the No. 3 Hair Perfector.

2. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

This hair-repairing formula is not a conditioner, but a "bond builder" that works to reduce breakage and strengthen hair. It is suitable for use on all hair types and is formulated without sulfates and parabens to restore the appearance of damaged hair.

Celebrity style

Rita Hazan, who is responsible for Jessica Simpson's signature blonde look and Beyonce's highlights, has a popular collection of styling products that protect your hair while keeping it in place.

1. Rita Hazan Curl Creme

Rita Hazan's curl creme is perfect for color-treated curls in need of hydration and definition. It also reduces frizz and can be applied generously in order to ensure a firm hold. Whether you prefer to diffuse your curls or let them air-dry, this creme was made for both styling methods.

2. Rita Hazan Smoothing Creme

This styling creme adds shine and reduces drying time for salon-worthy results. It can also be applied after styling in order to reduce frizz and give hair a sheen that lasts all day.

Heat-free styling

Tired of blow-drying every morning? An affordable air-styler can help save you some time in your beauty routine and promote healthier hair by detangling, de-frizzing and smoothing your locks.

1. Odele Air Dry Styler

This lightweight, vegan formula conditions hair and locks in moisture as it dries, giving your hair just the right amount of hold and shine to last through the day. Apply it to straight, wavy or curly hair after towel-drying and head out the door!

2. Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Detangler + Air Dry

A detangler can help tackle knots and post-shower frizz, and this paraben-free formula from Garnier Fructis is enriched with vitamin E to make styling easier. It is powerful enough to detangle knots but gentle enough to keep hair feeling soft and smooth while air-drying.

Detox and de-stress

Body brushes and massage guns are becoming the newest sensations in self-care thanks to wellness influencers and athletes. Using a dry brush on clean skin can exfoliate and improve circulation, helping skin feel soft and smooth ahead of the changing seasons. For the best results, be sure to start exfoliating at your feet and work your way up your body by gently brushing in small, upward motions.

Using a tool like a gua sha stone or a wooden paddle can also help de-bloat, release tension in the body and aid in digestion.

1. Wholesome Beauty Body Brush

With more than 3,000 verified reviews from Amazon shoppers, this body brush is praised for its gentle feel on the skin. It even comes with its own shower hook and travel pouch for easy storage and convenience.

2. Goop G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush

Goop's body brush is made from natural sisal fibers that provide an energizing exfoliation without feeling too rough on the skin. The ergonomic handle also makes it easy to energize hard-to-reach spots.

3. PpGo Gua Sha Massage Tool

This gua sha tool is made from natural wood and can be used on the entire body to improve circulation. Before gliding across the skin, be sure to apply an essential oil treatment or a moisturizer until the area feels moist enough to begin the process.

4. De La Heart Lymphatic Drainage Tool

This wood tool can be used to release pressure and help eliminate toxins from the body via the lymphatic system. This system helps the body get rid of waste and other unwanted substances, such as the fibers that cause fibrous cellulite.

Massage guns

Thomas says that Theragun massage guns have "changed the massage game," as the brand's products were engineered to provide the perfect levels of depth, speed and force. The quiet motor and therapeutic benefits are just some of the reasons the brand has gained popularity.

1. Theragun Mini

Despite its small size, the Theragun Mini can provide up to 150 minutes of massage time at once. The 4.8-star rated tool boasts an ultra-quiet motor and ergonomic grip that make it easy to use at any time.

2. Theragun Elite

The latest generation of the Theragun features a motor just as quiet as its mini counterpart, but also offers users the ability to monitor the speed and force of the gun through the Theragun app.

3. Theragun Accessories

Theragun's accessories allow users to enhance their massage experience with different adaptors for a customized massage experience. Accessories such as the "thumb" or the "wedge" range from $20-$49.

4. Headot Massage Gun

This deep-tissue massage gun offers a similar experience at a smaller price tag. It comes with six replaceable massage heads and can last up to six hours on a single charge.


While face masks have become a daily essential, there are plenty of accessories that can help make wearing them slightly more comfortable. One Georgia teacher recently went viral after she posted a video of herself trying out a face mask bracket on Facebook that garnered more than 300,000 shares.

1. LDream Mask Bracket (Pack of Five)

Mask brackets like this pack of five from LDream can prevent your face mask from sticking to your face (and also save your lipstick) during wear. They're crafted from food-grade silicone and are washable and reusable.

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