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This $9 moisturizer gives me a streak-free tan overnight

I ditched the tanning salon thanks to this affordable lotion.
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I grew up in the Rocky Mountain region, so chilly temperatures accompanied many of my days.

The crisp air and occasional snowfall were refreshing, but it also meant I couldn't spend time basking in the sun without combatting the cold. For many, this wouldn't be an issue. However, I enjoy the sun-kissed glow of a tan, which is especially difficult now that I'm spending most of my time indoors.

I used to rely on the tanning salon for beautifully bronzed skin. But when I did my research and realized that approximately 9,500 people in the United States are diagnosed with skin cancer every day, I decided to banish the bed.

Instead, I turned to tanning lotions and discovered the Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow.

Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow

I used tanning lotions in the past, but none of them filled the void of getting a real tan from the sun. But as soon as I started using the Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer, I knew the product was unique.

According to the brand, the tanning lotion is crafted to jump-start a natural-looking tan after one use. The formula contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which, when applied, reacts with the skin's surface layer to temporarily darken and simulate a tan.

I typically apply it right after showering at night and ensure my body is covered from head to toe. The lotion is lightweight and easy to spread. Best of all, it doesn't leave a sticky layer on my skin afterward.

The bottle lasts me a long time and I love that a little goes a long way.
The bottle lasts me a long time and I love that a little goes a long way.Megan Foster

This formula isn't tinted like some tanning lotions. Instead, it goes on like a typical moisturizer and develops over the course of a few hours. Because it goes on clear, you may experience streaking if you don't put it on evenly. I put it on with my bare hands, but some users opt to use a glove.

"I had a streak mark by my wrist from where I didn't apply it evenly since it goes on pretty clear," said one verified buyer. "I bought a microfiber applicator glove to put it on since then, and now I have no issues!"

After a few trials, the application becomes easier. Now, I can go to bed with the lotion on my skin and wake up with a tan after just one use.

The product comes in two colors. One is for fair-to-medium skin tones, and the other is for medium-to-dark skin tones. I've always used the one for medium-to-dark skin since I prefer a more pigmented tan, but if you're hesitant about your tan looking too deep, you can choose the lighter version.

Though Jergens makes a tanning moisturizer specifically for your face, I find that the 3 Days to Glow version works fine and doesn't irritate my skin.

One buyer with sensitive skin said that they use it on their face as well: "People kept asking if I was tanning! I also have very sensitive skin and this didn't irritate me at all. And I could even apply small amounts to my face without much resulting acne or clogged pores."

As it turns out, some celebrities are also fans of the Jergens Glow products. Supermodel Christie Brinkley enjoys using the lotion and appreciates the fact that it goes on without hassle. "I love Jergens Glow. I love that it gives me a fake tan gently and gradually with no streaking. So it makes me less tempted to actually get a real tan," she previously raved to TODAY.

Whether you're a big-time celeb or someone who simply wants to achieve a natural-looking glow, the Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow will quickly become your new beauty essential.

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