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Editors are 'infatuated' with these podiatrist-approved summer sandals

Here's why Teva's sporty sandals deserve a spot in your rotation.
Free People; Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

In an ideal world, every pair of sandals that you slip on are ones that you can walk for miles in without any pain or discomfort. But more often than not, after a short commute or an afternoon spent exploring a new city in your strappy shoes, you end up with sore, blistered feet.

So if you're desperately on the hunt for a sandal that you can wear throughout the sunny season, we have a suggestion for you: Tevas. Sure, the brand has long been a popular name in the sandal market, but they've predominately been thought of as a shoe that's reserved for summer campers or outdoor enthusiasts.

But if you've written them off for that reason, you may be missing out on a comfortable and, dare we say, surprisingly stylish option for your warm-weather footwear lineup. Here, we spoke to a podiatrist and tapped some of our editors to give you the ins and outs of what makes the shoes so great.

Do podiatrists recommend Teva sandals?

While Teva has a number of styles available, its classic original sandals come recommended by the podiatrist we spoke to, Dr. Alissa Kuizinas, DPM, for a number of reasons.

To start, she says the sandal has a wide front to accommodate your toes. "It's pretty much shaped like a foot, which is wonderful."

The sole of the shoe also got the seal of approval from our expert. "The actual sole of a shoe, ideally, we want it to bend right at the ball of the foot," Kuizinas says. "And a lot of shoes are really stiff and they don't bend very well there, so it really affects the way we walk." However, she says when she tried the brand's original sandals, she noticed that "they bend really nicely right where we need the shoe to bend — it doesn't restrict your movement while you're walking."

On a similar note, she says that other popular summer shoes, like flip-flops or slides that aren't properly secured to your feet can alter your gait, which is why Kuizinas likes that Teva sandals have multiple straps that keep them secured to your feet.

Kuizinas says that she would recommend the original style to anyone who is looking for a comfortable sandal that they can wear for a range of activities, from hiking to walking around town or going to the beach. "They're pretty versatile, you could pretty much wear them for anything that you want to do, which is really nice."

If you're ready to add a pair to your closet, we asked our editors share the pairs that they love, from the classic original sandal to a surprisingly "elevated" option.

Best Teva sandals

Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal

Not only did Teva's Original Universal Sandals come recommended by Kuizinas, but they also are a favorite of multiple members of the Shop TODAY team.

Editor Julie Ricevuto says that she was originally skeptical but "fell in love" with them after purchasing for a trip to the Grand Canyon. "They were so comfortable and held up perfectly against the elements!"

Senior SEO editor Jess Bender was also immediately won over by the style. "I was skeptical because I don't naturally gravitate towards the style, but I became infatuated from my first wear thanks to the adjustable, secure fit and cushy midsoles. I spent most of summer 2020 exploring, marching, strolling every inch of upper Manhattan above 96th Street, and I was wearing these Tevas the majority of that time."

Teva Midform Universal Sandal

Editorial assistant Sierra Hoeger says that she loves how the slight platform on these shoes provide an additional level of comfort and height that other pairs don't. "Where their normal pairs have a bit thinner of a sole, I like that I'm not too close to the ground with this pair, and it's not taking a toll on my feet. I appreciate the mid-level platform because I don't wobble around and they still allow me to be a couple inches taller than I normally am."

Teva Flatform Universal Sandal

This platform sandal was named the best budget travel sandal during our 2023 Shop TODAY Travel Gear Awards. Our staffers loved how comfortable and versatile they are.

"I have very narrow feet and usually struggle to find sandals that my feet don’t slip out of," associate social media editor Dani Muscacchio says. "The two adjustable straps on these shoes allow me to create the perfect fit. My feet feel so secure in them!"

Teva Jadito Universal Sandal

As editor Vivien Moon's first pair of Tevas, she shared that these sandals have been a fun way to get her into the brand's shoes. "They're a nice balance between comfortable and elevated thanks to the minimalist colorway and the platform," she says.

Associate editor Shannon Garlin adds that they're "so comfortable. I can walk long distances in them without any pain and the foam insole feels like l'm walking on a cushy pillow."

Meet our expert

  • Dr. Alissa Kuizinas, DPM, is a virtual podiatrist who specializes in healthy footwear, movement patterns and gait mechanics.