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I never thought I'd say 'Crocs are cute' until I wore these sandals

It's official: I own a pair of Crocs and they're so trendy!
Courtesy Shannon Garlin

I'll admit it: I was that person who would turn their nose up at those famous clog-like shoes called Crocs. Although I understood their purpose and functionality and was curious about the hype, they just simply didn't go with my style and overall aesthetic.

One day, these chunky '90s-looking platform sandals popped up on my Instagram feed, and my thought process went from "Oh, those are cute shoes" to "Wait, these are Crocs?!" After going through a wave of emotions, I started imagining what outfits I could pair the Brooklyn Wedges with. And I wasn't the only one in shock either, if you search #brooklynwedge on TikTok, the shoes have over 6.4 million views of TikTokers showing off how cute they are.

Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge Sandals

So, I decided to give Crocs a chance, and I was actually really excited to see if they were as comfortable as everyone says. The Brooklyn Wedges come in over 15 colors on Amazon, but since I tend to wear neutral palettes and wanted more chances to wear them, I decided to go with the black pair. Though I actually might buy a fun color pop for summer now, too!

The comfort lives up to the hype

I'm a huge fan of chunky shoes but I find them to sometimes be heavy and difficult to walk in; that's not the story with these though, they're incredibly lightweight! Since receiving the shoes, I've worn them while running errands across long distances (like through Central Park!) and I'll have to agree with Croc veterans, they are one of the most comfortable pair of sandals I've ever worn.

The insole is cushy and moves with you as you walk, while also offering great arch support. The back strap is adjustable so you can create a customized fit, and they're made of a soft rubber material that hasn't caused me any blisters or pain. According to the brand, they're lightweight and buoyant, so I will definitely bring these along with me on my upcoming beach trips this summer.

One thing to note is that they run kind of small. Depending on the brand, I can wear a size 6 through 7, so I ordered a size 7 in these. However, my toe skims the edge and though I can get away with it, I think an 8 might have been a better choice. The brand and Amazon reviewers suggest sizing up, too!

Courtesy Shannon Garlin

They can be dressed up or down

I never thought I'd say Crocs are "elegant" but these platform sandals have such a classic look, I've worn them with dresses to work and happy hour with friends. Both times I've dressed them up I've gotten so many compliments on them and blurted out "They're Crocs! Can you believe it?!" Those same friends have asked me to forward them the link because they wanted a pair, too.

I've worn them around New York City while running errands in jean shorts and a tank, and walked through Central Park in them while sporting athleisure — they effortlessly pair with most styles. I have a big trip to Europe coming up this summer and I'm excited to wear them with all my carefully planned outfits while staying comfortable during walks around the iconic streets.

Reviewers love them too

From their comfortability to style, these sandals shocked more than just me. Reviewers rave about them, too; they have over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon!

And one reviewer went through the same emotions as me, "I spotted a woman in a bookshop wearing these and inched over to ask her about them because they looked so comfortable (and stylish!). I was surprised to see they were Crocs because the design was so different and had a platform style. Wore them as soon as they arrived and love them as much as I hoped I would."

Though I'm still not sure I can get behind the clog-style shoes, I will call myself an official Croc stan and I can't wait to see what other trendy styles they come out with next.

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