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6 best satin-lined hats in 2021, according to reviews

Protect your hair from frizz and breakage in the most stylish way possible.
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Everyone has those days where doing your hair just feels like too much work, or maybe you're in a time crunch and have to hit the road ASAP. That's when the beauty of throwing on a hat really shines. Not so beautiful? The flattened, frizzy and all-around disheveled hat hair that you're left to deal with when it finally comes off.

While it can be a pain to bring your hair back to life after wearing a cap, there's a product that will keep you from having to struggle any longer. Enter satin-lined hats, the perfect way to cover your head without ruining your hair.

Benefits of wearing a satin-lined hat

Curly hair specialist Leslie Ellen Abbate and The Way salon owner Illeisha Lussiano both agree that people with any hair type or texture can benefit from wearing satin-lined hats.

The biggest benefit comes from the reduced amount of frizz and flyaway hairs, they explained. "It's about keeping the cuticle of the hair smooth and keeping the natural oils of the hair from not getting absorbed into the material that you're putting on your head, whether you're sleeping on a [satin] pillowcase or putting a cap on," Abbate told Shop TODAY.

"With garments, a lot of times people don't realize that certain materials can absorb the moisture straight out of the hair or can allow it to rough up the cuticles and the hair itself," Lussiano explained. She said that it happens in scenarios you may not think about like laying on the couch or when your hair rubs against your jacket or shirt collar. "A lot of times, in the winter time, jackets and things like that will rub on the hairline and the back of the head and — depending on the material — [it] can definitely cause friction which can then cause breakage," she said.

Abbate recommends wearing a satin cap even when you don't have a satin-lined hat. "If you don't have a hat that has [satin lining] inside, wear [a satin cap] underneath your hat and it'll keep the hair from getting abrasively dried out," she explained.

With so many different satin-lined hats on the market, we found a few of the best top-rated options in different styles that will protect your hair all year long.

Best satin-lined hats, according to shoppers

Adama Satin-Lined Jersey Beanie

A thinner jersey beanie is perfect for those early fall days. You can let some hair peek out at the bottom for a daytime look or wear it as a sleep cap and tuck your locks in when you're ready for bed. This option from Adama has over 700 verified five-star ratings and a 4.3-star average. Reviewers rave about how well the cap works whether they're using it for day or night.

Hairbrella Classic Satin-Lined Rain Hat

If you want the most protection for your hair without having it scrunched under a rough raincoat, enter the Hairbrella! It's a satin-lined rain hat with a clear visor that comes in several different colors so you can have one to match every rainy day outfit.

One five-star reviewer loves how the hat protects more than just their hair. "It fully protects the hair — and even protects my makeup from the rain," they wrote.

Satin-Lined Backless Cap

A backless baseball cap gives your hair protection in the front and the freedom to let it fly free from behind without sacrificing style. The elastic strap on the back will also help ensure that the fit is ideal for your head shape. With seven different colors currently available, this style from Etsy shop CurlCap is currently a bestseller, with reviewers raving about how easy it is to put on and how well it protects the hair.

Grace Elyae Adjustable Satin-Lined Baseball Hat

For a more classic baseball hat, try this 4.3-star-rated option from Amazon. The strap in the back allows it to fit cap sizes 6 1/2 to 7 1/2. It also comes in denim, mustard and navy blue.

"This is actually the first cap I've found where I can adjust it big enough and it will stay put right where I want it," recently wrote one verified five-star reviewer.

Beautifully Warm Slouchie Beanie Satin-Lined Hat

As the weather gets cooler and fall turns into winter, you'll probably want something a little warmer to cover your head. This option has a 4.5-star average and over 800 verified five-star ratings.

"It doesn’t leave my kinky curly hair smushed and dry after taking it off. If you’re on the fence about getting it... get off and hit the buy button!" one five-star reviewer raved.

Yanibest Satin-Lined Sleep Cap

This sleep cap has an impressive 12,500 verified five-star ratings alongside a 4.4-star average. It features an elastic band with an adjustable buckle on the back to fit the cap to your head while ensuring it won't slip off while you're sleeping. One reviewer called this cap a "game changer" and even said it "changed their life."

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