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22 gifts for every kind of writer — plus some author-approved picks

For the love of books, stories and language.
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Writers, journalists and authors spend most of their days typing and journaling away. Whether they spend time in front of a laptop or their phones, they all share the same passion for words. If you’re in search of a unique gift that will inspire creativity in the writer of your life, we got you.

From typewriter-inspired decor to personalized subscriptions, there is something for every kind of wordsmith. We asked some authors and journalists at Shop TODAY for their favorite gifts to receive (and give).

Inexpensive gifts for writers | Personalized gifts for writers | Unique gifts for writers

Inexpensive gifts for writers

Tiny Hooray Go Big or Go Home Notepad

Write down your to-do list on this quirky notepad. Whether you have a list of articles to tackle or need a little reminder to hydrate every now and then, this is a fun way to make your notes more visible.

"On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft," by Stephen King

If they aspire to be a writer, this book will reveal basic tools of the art of writing. "For memoir writers, I have found this book to be phenomenal," shares editor Rebecca Brown.

Masterclass Become a Better Writer

Masterclass offers a range of classes from different fields and this course is essential for any budding journalists looking to improve their storytelling skills.

Pencils for Grammar Police

Add a set of writing tools to your desk that reminds you where to add the extra comma. "These grammar police pencils are so fun and definitely live up to the stereotype of someone who corrects their friends' texts all the time," says editorial assistant Sierra Hoeger.

Improv for Writers

Writer's block is a real thing and this book will help them improvise ideas. Freelance writer Chloé Valentine Toscano is a fan of this book and says she's been enjoying the numerous tips offered on these pages.

Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook

For anyone who constantly scribbles ideas but runs out of paper in their notebook quickly, give them this smart pad. This is an eco-friendly way to write and scan your notes to your phone.

"It’s so easy to use and a great environmentally-friendly option that doesn’t completely forego the option of physically writing things down," says associate editor Kamari Stewart. "I also love that the pens that are compatible with it are easily accessible so if yours runs out of ink, you’re not restricted to only buying from the Rocketbook brand."

Two Tumbleweeds Writing Dice

Whether they need a bit of inspiration or a push, this writing dice will kickstart their creativity. It works for all kinds of writers and is a great way to help build a framework for their story.

Writer's Market 100th Edition

"I got this in 2012 as a gift when I was first starting. It was very helpful," says deputy editorial director Alexandra Deabler. This book is a great guide on how to promote your writing and tips on the publishing process.

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

If you love reading at night or before bed, this neck reading light will come in handy. I personally use this one during evenings and it has enough brightness to read comfortably in the dark. I can either adjust the brightness level three times or just turn on one of the switches.

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

For remote writers, this laptop desk stand is an efficient method to raise the monitor to eye level. It takes no extra space and is easy to carry inside your backpack or purse.

Royal Kludge Mechanical Keyboard

Can a keyboard improve your writing? Food writer Kiera Wright-Ruiz believes so. This one features customizable light options and is wireless.

"If you think a keyboard is not a fun gift, that’s only because you haven’t tried this keyboard yet," she says. "Besides my computer, I use this keyboard to get all of my writing done. It is originally made for gaming, but is equally as fun for writers like me who need the extra boost to meet a deadline. The keys themselves have such an ASMR-like quality to them that helps me feel a little more relaxed while typing."

Dearfoams Women's Fireside

Comfort is everything when you're typing ideas on your laptop and this pair features moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry.

"I would give writers things they can wear while they hone over their masterpieces. For writing, I suggest comfort. I would gift a writer a pair of slippers," says journalist and photographer Nadja Sayej.

Personalized gifts for writers

Personalized Docking Station

Enhance their office desk with this personalized docking station. The piece holds a pair of glasses, watches, pens and other essentials. Also, you can customize the engraving with the desired name or message.

Monthly Book Subscription Box

Writers are readers too, and this subscription can bring a healthy dose of inspiration to their bookshelves.

"Nothing is more inspiring than reading a good book! My friend gave me a six-month BOTM subscription and it was such a good gift," says associate editor Emma Stessman.

Unique gifts for writers

Funny Candle

From apple harvest to cinnamon vanilla scents, this candle will add a funny element to their writing corner. It might even inspire them to write a bestselling novel.

Hemingway Pencil Cup

Associate editor Allie Wise owns this pencil cup and is the decor that inspired this gift guide. "As an avid reader and writer, I saw this typewriter pencil cup and immediately clicked 'add to cart'. It is super durable, roomy and the ultimate conversation starter," she says.

LeVar Burton Says Read Banned Books Unisex T-Shirt

If they love pop culture and banned books, this T-shirt — created to support the fight against book bans — is the perfect gift. Personally, I would love to gift this to one of my colleagues who is a bibliophile and avid reader.

Literary Scarves

Show your love for literature with this infinity scarf. It's printed with passages from popular books like "Alice in Wonderland" and citations from "Pride and Prejudice." This is a great accessory to add to any chilly weather attire.

Well Read Book Theme Purse

Book lovers will appreciate this book-themed purse. The accessory features an iconic book cover and removable straps. Also, it comes in 27 different themes with powerful quotes from the chosen novel.

Rembrandt Charms Laptop Computer

For many writers, their laptop is their favorite accessory and this charm showcases keyboard details that will remind them of their craft. It comes in sterling silver and it can be added to a bracelet or necklace for the ultimate personalized touch.

Lego Typewriter

Nothing identifies a writer more than the tool they use to create their work. This Lego typewriter is on my wish list and I am planning to buy this for my home office. It adds great decor to my space and is a fun way to build on that nostalgia element.

"Overall a great kit with a good balance of implied functionality, and an excellent build," added one reviewer.

The Light Phone

Sometimes technology can distract writers from their craft, but with this phone, you can get much more creative and eliminate distraction.

"So much creativity comes from having the space to be and breathe and even at times be bored .... the Light Phone is just that — a phone. It makes calls, texts plus is an amazing platform to just write and not be distracted and surf and check IG over and over", says the author of "Brown Enough" and "You're a Good Swimmer," Christopher Rivas.