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How to include colored eyeliner into your beauty routine, according to experts

Bright makeup is taking over the beauty scene this season.
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Colorful makeup — particularly eyeliner — has become one of this year’s biggest beauty trends and it's easy to see why. Incorporating this vibrant look into your makeup routine is rather easy — and the products to do so are extremely affordable.

Shop TODAY spoke with Bloomingdale's Fashion Director, Marissa Galante Frank, and celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa to fill us in on the bright trend that's dominating the beauty scene. "People are looking for a mood booster, and using very bright, vibrant colors definitely make you feel good," said Frank.

What colored eyeliners are trending right now?

"People are out to play!," Figueroa told us. "They want to try something new [and] make their eyes pop. I'm seeing color in graphic liner — not just your regular wings, but cut-crease wings and inner-corner poppings of color."

Without hesitation, both Figueroa and Frank mentioned blue-toned eyeliners. From navy to turquoise, shades of blue make a great eyeliner option year-round. "I'm also seeing this mother of pearl metallic silver-white thing happening, which I think is really fun as well," Frank added.

Figueroa also called out eggplant, gold, auburn and rusty tones. "A lot of people are going to be wearing those bold, rich colors that are trending in fall," she explained. "Pairing that with an auburn liner is absolutely stunning."

How to incorporate colored eyeliner into your beauty routine

Whether you're an eyeliner novice or expert, there are several ways to add a colored eyeliner into your beauty routine. If you're a beginner, Frank suggests opting for metallic silver or white eyeliner. "It's a neutral yet bold place to start," she said. "As you get more comfortable, expand into the other metallic colors: blues, greens and purples."

Figueroa also mentioned that eyeliner doesn't always need to be displayed in a dramatic wing look. Try smudging your liner instead — it's easier to execute and is just as trendy. "Nothing has to be perfect and polished all the time," she said.

For a more experienced at-home artist, Figueroa suggests trying bold graphic liner and working with an eyeliner that comes as a cream or a liquid. "Liners aren't always a pencil. With a brush, you can create and work on precision," she said.

Best eyeliner hues for specific eye colors

Figueroa broke down which hues look best with each eye color. "It's all about complementary colors on the color wheel," she explained.

For those of us with brown eyes, purples and blues look great. "Nothing really clashes with brown eyes; you can really experiment with color," she added. For blue eyes, try out fuchsia or orange graphic liner. For green eyes, think auburn and things with reddish undertones.

Now that you're equipped with all of the know-how in colored eyeliner, it's time to bring it into your beauty routine! Based on our expert makeup advice and shopper reviews, we found highly-recommend colorful eyeliners to add to your makeup bag.

Best colored eyeliners, according to experts and shoppers

Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner

Our experts mentioned bold blues, so we found bold blue! This colored liquid eyeliner from Wet n Wild is extremely affordable at just $4 a pop and packs a majorly colorful punch. If blue isn't your thing, it's also available in a deep purple, brown or black.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil

Available in 38 different colors, your experimentation never has to end. This Urban Decay eyeliner pencil is waterproof, long-lasting and paraben-free.

Givenchy Khôl Couture Waterproof Eyeliner

Claiming to resist humidity and have easy glide-on design, this Givenchy eyeliner offers luxury at an affordable price.

"I always recommend this [Givenchy eyeliner] to my friends," says Frank. "It comes in really beautiful colors like turquoise and lilac. Plus, it's waterproof!"

Jane Iredale Eye Pencil

Figueroa loves this eye pencil in blue and advised people to try using it on their waterline. "Doing this actually makes the whites of your eyes whiter," she said. "Little things like that are going to make a big difference when it comes to making your eyes pop."

Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix Eye, Cheek & Lip Cream Pigment

For the more experienced makeup user, opt for this liquid eyeliner that can also double as a cheek and lip color. Three for the price of one? We'll take it!

Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil

When Frank said how much she loves this waterproof pencil, we had to look into it. It's smudge-proof, waterproof and comes in a gorgeous green color, perfect for both fall and winter.

NYX Cosmetics Epic Wear Liner Sticks

Introduce a variety of bold colors to your makeup routine with this liner from NYX Cosmetics. Priced at just $8, you'll want to buy more than one. One shopper mentioned, "I love how smooth these eyeliners glide on and last all day!"

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner

Bring in the gold tones with this hyper-pigmented yet lightweight pencil liner. It comes in matte, shimmer and glitter shades for every type of makeup user.

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