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This storage cart took my bathroom from messy to organized

It's compact, sturdy and spacious enough to store all my bathroom essentials.
Before and After image of Writer Terri Peters bathroom, after using a storage cart to organize
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When my family and I moved into our current home five years ago, there were a lot of things we needed to straighten up our new space. Out of all the rooms in the house, my master bathroom wasn't at the top of my revamp list. So, in an attempt to temporarily organize it, I bought a not-so-great storage shelf, piled it high with towels and shower products and didn't think much of it as we got settled in.

Fast forward to present day, and you'd see that my "temporary" fix inevitably turned into more of a permanent solution. But when I recently saw buzz online about the Squared Away 3-Tier Bath Storage Cart, a home organization product sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, I immediately felt a pang of shame over my current setup, which had become quite disorganized over the years.

Ready for a home organization project, and to finally defeat this years-old clutter, I decided to give the cart a try — which will only put you back $40. But it's a price I'd pay again and again for the results I ended up getting.

Squared Away 3-Tier Bath Storage Cart

When the cart arrived, I felt a bit nervous about the task of assembling it myself. After spreading out the shelves, wheels and additional pieces on my bed, I set to work putting it together. Thankfully, it was a surprisingly simple task — I found myself sliding pieces into place and bolting them together with ease. Overall, it took less than 10 minutes to complete.

The first thing I noticed was that the Squared Away cart looked way nicer than the shelf I'd bought several years ago. From its trendy industrial gray color to the compact shelving, this was everything I was hoping it would be visually. But the real game-changers were the bottom wheels, which helped me move the cart around my master bathroom with little effort.

Image of writer Terri Peter's bathroom, after using a storage cart to organize
I can keep all my bathroom essentials stored in one place, thanks to this 3-tier cart.Courtesy Terri Peters

Transferring items from my old storage system to this three-tier cart was as satisfying as it was necessary. I designated the top shelf for bath towels, bathmats and hand towels. I had to roll each one tightly to fit them all in, but they still looked perfect when I was finished. The second shelf is where I store wash cloths, hair turbans and the terry cloth headbands I use when washing my face. And on the bottom, I lined up extra shampoo and conditioner bottles, razor cartridges, body scrubs and other bath items that needed a home. I couldn't believe it — all of my bathroom essentials were in one place.

For a freestanding cart, this is surprisingly sturdy. It can hold up to 60 pounds and didn't show any signs of falling apart as I piled more towels and heavy shampoo bottles onto it. Whether this cart stays in one place or gets rolled around the bathroom, it's plenty capable of handling a bit of movement.

I also loved the closed-in feel of the shelves. Each one is built like more of a shallow rectangular basket than a flat rack, so items like stray bath bombs or post-shower hair wraps stay put, never falling onto the floor to create a mess. What's more, in the weeks since I reorganized my new cart, it's been easy to actually keep organized.

After giving this product a try, I can confidently say that the Squared Away 3-Tier Bath Storage Cart is well deserving of the praise it's gained online — which includes an impressive 92% "Would Recommend" rating. And many users are even taking their cart outside the bathroom: In reviews for the product, customers mention using their carts to store laundry products, keep their kids' college dorm rooms organized and more.

Now that my master bathroom is complete, I wonder which room Bed Bath & Beyond's Squared Away storage collection can help me tackle next.

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