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Tired of battling your closet every day? An expert shares tips to make the most of the space

Maximize your storage once and for all.
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Having an organized closet is one of life’s quiet little luxuries but curating a well-organized closet space to hang your capsule wardrobe or display your shoe collection takes a bit of planning. Luckily, there are plenty of organizational solutions to optimize your closet space.

Cleaning and organizing can be downright daunting for people who have closets that are filled to the brim. That's why asked Mallory Micetich, home care expert and vice president of corporate communications at Angi, to share a few of her closet organizational solutions to help you get ahead of the chaos.

Whether you're looking to clean the bathroom, bedroom or linen closets, we've got you covered with these recommendations. To shop this article by category, simply click on the links below:

Organization tips | Storage baskets, bins and boxes | Hangers and hanger add-ons | Hanging storage | Closet hooks | Jewelry organizers | Over-the-door storage | Shelf dividers and organizers | Shoe organizers | More essentials

Closet organization tips

In general, Micetich recommends making sure you remove anything from the floor. She also shares guidance for more specific instances:

For accessories

For folks overwhelmed by the number of accessories they have stashed behind doors, Micetich says, “Accessories can be one of the hardest things to organize in a closet. I recommend getting designated storage containers for your small accessories.”

To better see and offer an elevated aesthetic to your closet organization, opt for clear boxes to store various accessories inside. “For example, you can get a small box to store all of your scarves and a jewelry organizer or two for your rings, necklaces and bracelets,” she offers.

For shoes

To help minimize shoe clutter, Micetich recommends purchasing an over-the-door shoe organizer. “I recommend dedicating some space in your closet for shoes or getting some type of shoe organizer to keep things tidy.”

She adds that an over-the-door shoe rack provides easy access and an open-shelving shoe organizer will have a good visual effect.

For bulky items

Bulky seasonal items can also weigh our closets down or make them feel overstuffed in the off-seasons. Micetich recommends purchasing large clear bins to store away seasonal items and leave your current wardrobe tidy in appearance.

She regards closet hooks as an effective solution for big and bulky items. "You can use them to hang your robes, purses or winter coats. Just make sure you install them in an area of your closet that won’t get in the way when you try to grab your clothing," she advises.

Closet storage baskets, bins and boxes

Neat Method Oxford Bins

Available in four different sizes, these long-lasting bins are worth the money. They have a specifically designed interior that won't catch on to fabrics. Plus, these are especially great for towels and linens thanks to their spacious design.

mDesign Soft Fabric Stackable Storage Organizer Boxes

These work well with bulky sweaters or off-season clothes since the clear plastic on the front makes it easy to see what's inside.

Sorbus Woven Basket Containers

These woven baskets, which are available in five colors, come in a set of nine sizes for a uniform look. Built-in handles make it easy to transport as you reorganize throughout the seasons.

Clothes hangers and hanger add-ons

Whitmor 4-Tier Swing Arm Hanger

You can hang up to five pairs of pants in the space of one hanger with this clever design.

House Day Pack Metal Wonder Magic Hangers

This innovative product multiplies closet storage space by allowing you to hang up to five articles of clothing on a single hanger.

AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Hangers

These velvet hangers will make your closet look much more uniform. Plus, their slim design allows more of them to fit in a contained space.

Hanging closet storage

Whitmor 5-Section Closet Organizer

The five open shelves in this organizer allow easy access to folded clothes. The entire unit simply hooks onto the clothing rod for easy relocation if necessary.

Whitmor 4-Section Fabric Closet Organizer

With four shelves to store clothing and a horizontal bar for extra hanging space, this organizer provides plenty of extra storage.

Regal Bazaar Double-Sided Hanging Gift Bag and Wrapping Organizer

If you're big on giving gifts during the holidays (or throughout the year!), this organizer holds all your wrapping materials in one convenient place.

Delta Children Nursery Storage 48-Piece Set

This hanging storage set for baby or toddler items is a fast, easy way to organize your little one's clothing. It comes with a six-shelf hanging organizer, an assortment of bins with lids, 30 velvet hangers and 12 closet dividers.

Closet hooks

Command Large Brushed Nickel Metal Hook

A perennial favorite, 3M's Command hook is attractive, sturdy, easy to apply and designed to not damage walls.

Dseap Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

With almost 13,500 verified five-star ratings on Amazon, these wall-mounted hooks are great for corralling bags and jackets.

Jewelry organizers

Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer

With over 24,000 five-star ratings, this hanging jewelry organizer features 80 pockets that keep items in full view. It also comes in several colors to match your home's aesthetic.

Akro-Mils 64 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage

Each drawer in this unit offers plenty of storage space and you can double the number of items in each drawer by using dividers.

Over-the-door closet storage options

Lynk Over Door Accessory Holder

This sturdy organizer has nine hooks to hold scarves, belts, hats, jewelry and more.

Smart Design Over-the-Door Organizer Pantry Rack

If your kitchen is overflowing with ingredients, this over-the-door pantry organizer features six shelves and has enough space to neatly stow all of your spices and condiments.

Closet shelf dividers and organizers

Honey-Can-Do Adjustable Coated Steel Wire Shelf

Double the amount of shelving in your closet using these metal shelves that can expand and hold up to eight pounds.

Clear Shelf Divider

This clear shelf divider keeps folded items in a neat stack on the shelf while providing a convenient valet knob for hanging tomorrow’s outfit.

Whitmor White Wire Under-Shelf Basket

Using an under-shelf basket like this top-rated version can create more storage in any closet.

Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers

This tall, heavy-duty divider slides onto a solid shelf and keeps larger items organized. This versatile pick can be used practically anywhere in the home!

OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable

A Lazy Susan is great for hard-to-reach places, and this option from OXO is the gold standard with hundreds of glowing reviews across several retailers.

Shoe organizers

Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Shelves

Similar to the above option, this organizer neatly stores 13 pairs of shoes in large, see-through vinyl compartments.

Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

The bars on this shoe organizer can be adjusted and flipped up to create more space for the row below and accommodate all sizes of shoes.

ClosetMaid White Wood Look 15-Cube Organizer

You can easily separate your family's shoes with this spacious shoe cubby from Home Depot.

Other closet organization essentials

AmazonBasics Tension Curtain Rod

You can use three tension rods to create a shelf for bins, baskets and other lightweight items.

Position the first rod about an inch from the back of the closet wall and about a foot above the current shelf. Place the second rod six inches in front of the first and the third rod six inches in front of the second. Keep in mind that the larger the rod, the more weight it will hold.

Spacesaver Premium Large Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum-sealed items take up less space in the closet and this set with 45,000+ five-star ratings is perfect to get you started.

Billy Bookcase

Hack Ikea's Billy shelf for a custom-closet look. Use ready-made shelving in bedroom closets for instant storage with designer appeal.