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This hair treatment transformed my hair in just 10 seconds

It added shine and softness while also making my hair more manageable.

Hair care routines are not without their challenges. I, for example, do battle with frizziness and brittleness that can make my hair look dull and lifeless. Others wrestle with oily or hard-to-manage hair. Copious products can be enlisted in the fight, but I found one secret weapon that transformed my tresses in just 10 seconds: The Aveda botanical repair bond-building flash treatment.

Aveda botanical repair bond-building flash treatment

What we like
  • Shiny hair
  • Smooth hair
  • Soft hair
Something to note
  • Bottle is a little small

What makes it a "flash treatment"

When reading about this product, I was hesitant to believe it really worked in that amount of time. Most products take at least a couple of minutes to take effect. The brand claims that, after just one use of this shower rinse, your hair will become "2x stronger" and "2x smoother" due to its bond-building ability. Derived from plants, the treatment uses natural and vegan oils (actually 98% of the formula is natural!) to penetrate deep into hair follicles to smooth and replenish damaged strands.

Aveda claims that the shower rinse is safe for all hair types from 1A-4C and is safe for color-treated hair. So whether you have curly or straight, fine or thick, natural or color-treated hair, you can still achieve results with this shower rinse.

Courtesy of Annie Shigo

What I like about the product

My hair shined like never before

I recently bit the bullet and fully died my hair for the first time. I took my virgin roots from blonde to a burnt red color. This really changed the texture and feel of my hair. Before dying my hair, I used shampoos and conditioners with a lot of oils to keep my hair lush. But since dying it, I have to use red shampoo to maintain the color I want. This has left my hair thirsty and frizzy. I couldn't keep up with doing hair masks every week, so this shower rinse quite literally saved my tresses (and peace of mind).

On my wash days, when my split ends need a little more TLC, I use this shower rinse for literally just 10 seconds (crazy right!). When I come out of the shower, my hair air dries into a nice shiny smooth look that was before only achievable at the salon.

I noticed less frizz and split ends

I've finally found a way to say goodbye to brittle hair and split ends. Previously, I'd attempt to fight frizz by polluting my hair with copious amounts of oils and sprays. After using this shower rinse, however, I wake up with noticeably smoother and healthier-feeling hair. In fact, I no longer need to use extra product in the morning!

My hair was way more manageable

As a curly girl, I am used to battling it out with the brush every night. I used to rely on detanglers and leave-in conditioners, but with this shower rinse, my brush glides through with ease. It's completely changed my routine. The best part is that it stays overnight, so when I wake up in the morning, my hair feels as soft and silky as it did before I dyed it.

If you want something that takes little time but gives great results, the Aveda botanical repair bond-rebuilding flash treatment is definitely worth adding to your wash day routine.

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Aveda botanical repair strengthening shampoo

What we like
  • Moisturizing
  • Hair looks silky
Something to note
  • Can leave hair feeling heavy

Similar to the shower rinse, this product works to help repair and rebuild damaged hair strands by adding moisture and natural oils.

Aveda botanical repair strengthening leave-in treatment

What we like
  • Great smell
  • No more breakage
Something to note
  • Can leave hair limp

If your hair needs a little bit more to get shiny and smooth results, this leave-in treatment is a good option to add an extra layer of moisture and protection to your roots.

Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

What we like
  • Helps with dry ends
  • Great frizz control
Something to note
  • Can leave hair sticky

Loaded with antioxidants, this bond serum helps rebuild damaged hair bonds and helps guard your hair against future breakage.