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Apple Pie Dessert Corn Dogs
Courtesy Helen Colquett
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Many state fairs are canceled this year, but you can still enjoy the fun, creative, fried-up flavors of the midway at home. These two-ingredient apple pie "corn dogs" are guaranteed to satisfy all your carnival food cravings.

Special equipment: You'll need food-grade wooden skewers.


    • 1 frozen apple pie, semi-thawed
    • 2 containers crescent sheet dough
    • Oil, for frying
    • Powdered sugar, caramel sauce and ice cream for serving


1. Cut your slightly thawed pie into approximately 3- by 2-inch pieces. Remove the crust and discard.

2. Roll out the dough and cut it into pieces, making sure that each one is large enough to generously wrap around each piece of apple pie. Wrap up each slice, sealing the dough tightly around the pie. 

3. Pour oil to a depth of 4 inches into a medium heavy bottomed pot. Heat oil to 325 F.

4. Fry until each wrapped piece of pie is evenly golden all the way around. Let them cool slightly, then gently insert your sticks.

5. Serve them warm with the usual apple pie fixings, such as powdered sugar, ice cream or caramel sauce.