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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6 reunion: All the biggest bombshells

The Season Six stars are breaking down everything that has happened since the cameras stopped rolling.
Jessica Vestal, Clay Gravesend, and AD Smith in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind."
Jessica Vestal, Clay Gravesande, and AD Smith in the Season Six reunion of "Love is Blind."Netflix
/ Source: TODAY

"Love is Blind" fans have had a week to process the Season Six finale. Now, it's time to catch up with the cast and unpack all the drama.

After watching a pre-wedding breakup, a rejection at the altar and a set of "I dos," viewers will witness the cast reunite to address the most dramatic moments of the season and where their relationships currently stand during the Season Six reunion on March 13.

This year, the reunion was pre-recorded in front of a live audience and featured some fan-favorites from the pods who didn't get engaged on the show. Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey have also revealed that questions from fans will be included in the reunion. will be recapping all the jaw-dropping moments throughout the evening. Follow along for updates on everything the cast revealed.

37d ago / 2:55 AM UTC

Another reunion, ended!

And with that, another season of "Love Is Blind" comes to a close. Brennon thanks the cast for sharing their stories, comparing it to therapy.

37d ago / 2:39 AM UTC

Micah and Izzy announce they are going to be on 'Perfect Match' Season 2

Micah and Izzy will be on the sophomore season of "Perfect Match."

Nick Lachey also confirmed that Jess will be a contestant.

Micah gushes that she and Jess became close friends during filming. She says Jess has become "one of the biggest rocks" she has had in her life.

As for Izzy, he announces to the audience that his "credit is fixed" since appearing on the show.

37d ago / 2:36 AM UTC

AD reveals she went out with Matthew after the show

Nick Lachey reveals Matthew "declined" to appear at the reunion. However, he says they are still going to address Matthew's behavior in the pods.

They show footage that confirms Matthew made similar comments to AD and fellow contestant Amber in the pods about reaching out to their fathers.

AD says she shared an "intimate" story with Matthew about her father not being able to attend her wedding and that is what bothered her about the situation.

She reveals she did reconnect with Matthew in the real world and that they went on two dates. She says he apologized and she thought he was cute.

But, she says the relationship fizzled out because they live two different lives.

37d ago / 2:33 AM UTC

Chelsea addresses the now notorious Megan Fox comparison

Chelsea compared her appearance to Megan Fox in the pods. The world weighed in when the episode aired. What Chelsea learned? "The world is harsh," she says during the reunion.

"It was a silly little comment and my whole world has slipped upside down," she continues.

She says she felt "demolished," but was "proud" of how she handled it with "grace."

Read on for more about the Megan Fox debacle.

37d ago / 2:29 AM UTC

Brittany and Kenneth reveal how they feel about each other now

Following a TikTok video that made fans question if they had rekindled their relationship, Brittany clarifies whether or not she's dating Kenneth.

"We speak nearly every day," Brittany says. She confirms they're no longer in a relationship, but claims their bond will last for an "eternity."

Kenneth reveals they had a recent conversation about dating other people. He says they are focusing on respecting each other.

"We're in a good spot," she adds.

37d ago / 2:22 AM UTC

Jess explains why she and Jimmy are not on good terms

When asked about her current relationship with Jimmy, Jess describes why their friendship fizzled.

She says that the two left on "great terms" after the lake party. While watching the show, she noticed Jimmy getting backlash for breaking up with her in the pods. So, she sent him a message after seeing fans dragging him. She says she told Chelsea about the message ahead of time.

After reaching out, she says she saw an interview and felt "infuriated" by Jimmy's comments.

"It seemed like you took the first opportunity you had to just make an attempt at throwing me under the bus," she tells him.

She says he implied, in the interview, that she "hammered him" to make a decision and that she "stormed out" one of their dates.

Jimmy says he was simply sharing why he didn't choose her over Chelsea.

They then discuss Jess's letter to him in the pods.

She explains she was just looking for him to explain his feelings in that moment. She also brings up that Jimmy mentioned her "edit" in the aforementioned interview, suggesting that the show painted her in a better light as she tears up.

She ask for receipts to confirm that Jimmy's recollection of one of their dates was not as he portrayed it in an interview. The footage shows they were talking for over an hour, not 10 minutes as Jimmy claimed, before they mutually decided to take a break.

Their total conversation was 2 hours and 13 minutes.

37d ago / 2:18 AM UTC

Jimmy's secret about his friend came out. What his friend thought

While they were dating, Jimmy revealed to Chelsea that he had previously slept with one of his two friends that she met over drinks in an earlier episode. Jimmy says he “hated” that this story came out during filming, but addresses it again at the reunion.

Meant to be a secret shared between members of a couple, Chelsea revealed the news on camera. As a result, Jimmy says, one of his close female friends is "really pissed" at him — and he understands why.

"I can take it. They didn't deserve it," he says.

Jimmy explains why he brought his girl friends on a show, rather than guy friends.

"She was there as a friend. Someone who loved me. Someone who supported me. When I'm talking to guys, I'm not getting emotional with the fellas. The girls will let me lay into them with where I'm feeling," he says.

Chelsea says she forgot the cameras were there and was "really sorry" for bringing it up during the heat of an argument.

37d ago / 2:11 AM UTC

Clay and Brett have an emotional heart-to-heart

Throughout Season Six, Clay openly struggled with how his childhood affected his outlook on marriage, and transitioning from his "rock star life" as an athlete to "life with one person."

Clay claims he hadn't seen "Love Is Blind" before signing up for the show. He then says, at the reunion, that watching Brett Brown from "Love Is Blind" Season Four was a wakeup call. "I felt like he did everything. He said all the right things. He personified ... a good husband. I just looked at him and thought, 'I don't know if who I am could do all that,'" he says, but goes on to note that he wants to give himself grace.

Brett, looking on, says he was "getting emotional," and that the experiment was challenging for him, too. He married his wife, Tiffany Brown, on the show in the Season Four finale.

"I didn't come from the perfect household either ... I had a lot of doubts about, ‘Am I going to know how to be a good husband?” he says. Tiffany adds that he was "doing great."

"It's humbling to hear that, especially Black man to Black man," Brett tells Clay.

37d ago / 2:07 AM UTC

Chelsea reacts to Jess and Laura's convo about Jimmy

Chelsea says it was "odd" and "a little bit disrespectful" to watch Jess and Laura discuss her possibly pursuing a relationship with Jimmy during the cast get-together.

At that point, Jess and Jimmy hadn't had the chance to meet face-to-face, despite having dated in the pods.

Chelsea recalls being "hurt" watching the conversation. She reveals that it heightened her insecurities, which were apparent to the audience throughout the show.

Jess replies, "I didn’t have any malicious intent, but he was completely absent-minded. That’s my best friend. This is totally disrespectful. I don’t expect any grace for that. That was not my best moment."

37d ago / 2:02 AM UTC

Laura gives her side of the story: Why she's 'coming in so hot'

At the reunion, Jeramey and Sarah Ann maintain they only talked on the evening they met up, which led to the end of Jeramey's engagement to Laura.

Laura expresses her doubts. "At no point was I thinking, 'I'm not getting married,'" she says.

"To go from spending all day with my family to disrespecting me and going out with another woman until 6 am that same night ... he said he spent all day with my family. Kissed me goodbye. Went to the bar. Met Sarah Ann ... and the conversation was so good he decided to end his relationship then and there," she says.

"I was hoping and praying for you guys to come in here with some humility and an apology to realize this is my real life. I understand you are together now ... that was made a mockery by the two of you and then you come in with heat toward me like I did something," she says.

38d ago / 1:53 AM UTC

Clay says he 'made a mistake,' calls AD the 'love of his life'

AD reveals Clay reached out to her after filming their wedding. She waited some time before responding to his multiple messages.

Clay apologizes to his former fiancée on stage and Vanessa Lachey asks AD if she would ever date him again. AD replies by saying, "Next question."

When Clay says he would like to date her again, AD cuts him off, saying he "played in her f---ing face."

Clay says he felt like he was getting "diagnosed on camera" and that he "didn't do the process right." He goes on to say that he's hurt that AD doesn't believe him, and that he went to therapy to be the best version of himself.

"I came out a different man and I have to credit that to AD," he praises.

Nick Lachey applauds Clay for taking accountability.

Clay says he "made a mistake" saying no at the altar. "I love you. You are the love of my life," he tells AD.

38d ago / 1:46 AM UTC

Trevor Sova addresses rumors he had a girlfriend at the time of filming

After Season Six was released, rumors emerged that Trevor Sova, who dated Chelsea Blackwell in the pods, was actually in a relationship at the time of filming.

Nick Lachey reads texts from Trevor's phone to a woman he was allegedly seeing during filming after leaving the pods. Trevor said in the texts that he was pretending in the pods and that he loved the woman.

Trevor is practically speechless when confronted about the texts. "I had a whole thing to say. I don't know. Yeah, so I guess I'll start by saying that I was not 'dating her.'"

But, he confirms they were "close" before filming but not officially in a relationship.

He says she knew he was going on the show to meet someone he wouldn't typically meet in his everyday life.

"There isn't an answer for that," he adds.

Nick Lachey points out that it was "unfair" to "everyone on the stage," including Chelsea, to go on the show when he had someone waiting for him back home.

Trevor reveals he would've picked Chelsea if it had worked out on the pods.

He then calls himself "toxic" and says he needs therapy.

Chelsea says she doesn't want to grill him and that she had an intuition to not pick Trevor over Jimmy.

Brittany comments that it was "disrespectful" to everyone involved, including the woman he had on the outside.

Vanessa Lachey asks if he came on the show to forward his career.

"I did come here for good and bad reasons," Trevor replies. He says he is glad he came on the show because it taught him a lot about himself.

He adds that Chelsea is the only person he owes a further explanation.

Finally, he asks to leave and Nick Lachey gives him permission to exit the stage.

38d ago / 1:42 AM UTC

Laura is dating someone new! Plus, why she came in 'so hot' at the reunion

She doesn't reveal any details aside from that, however.

Laura spends most of the reunion explaining why she wanted to "come in so hot" with Jeramey, her ex, and Sarah Ann, his new girlfriend.

“I was hoping and praying for you guys to come in here with some humility and an apology to realize this is my real life," she says. She says her life was "made a mockery" by her ex-fiancé and his new live-in girlfriend, Sarah Ann. Then, even worse: "You come in with heat toward me like I did something."

38d ago / 1:36 AM UTC

Where does Sarah Ann stand with the other women?

The women of "Love Is Blind" seem to have tension with Sarah Ann. She reveals she hasn't spoken to any of the other cast members, and that she was removed from a group chat between the women.

Chelsea seems to have a theory why: "That's because she unfollowed us and still follows our fiancées at the lake day, which I thought was strange."

The other women, including Laura, seem to clap and cheer.

38d ago / 1:32 AM UTC

Johnny and Amy share an update after saying 'I do'

Amy says their families talk all the time and they have spent time traveling together. She says they took a trip to France together and also did a family photo shoot for Christmas.

The episode include a few of the family photos, including snaps of Johnny posing next to Amy in pigtails.

38d ago / 1:29 AM UTC

Jeramey addresses engagement rumors and scandals

After the season premiered, Jeramey was called out on social media for possibly applying to be on the show while still in another relationship. He addresses his past relationship during the reunion.

"I was previously engaged. Everyone I had dated is well aware of that. I did go ahead and apply after I was out on my own, doing my own thing. Got approached and I decided to move forward," Jeramey says.

“The only time I was at Sarah Ann’s house was when I dropped her off," he adds.

Laura confirms "he did mention he had a fiancée before." Sarah Ann also agrees with this statement.

When Vanessa Lachey presses him to clarify what happened that night, he falters. Laura says she had to press Jeramey to tell her the truth and that they met up behind her back.

The audience and multiple cast members applaud Laura as she points out Jeramey has never apologized and she calls him a "clown."

Jess jumps in and defends Laura. Both Laura and Jess call Sarah Ann a "pick me girl" for her actions.

38d ago / 1:29 AM UTC

Jeramey says he and Sarah Ann have been 'on and off'

Chelsea calls Jeramey out for repeatedly telling her that he was broken up from Sarah Ann in the multiple times they have seen each other since filming ended.

Jeramey says that they have been "on and off" and have had tough times since the show ended. But, he says they are still living together and working through their problems.

Jimmy also chimes in and reveals that in the pods when he was struggling between picking Jess and Chelsea that Jeramey was harsh. He recalls Jeramey saying that he could rest easy knowing Jimmy was the "villain."

Jeramey says he doesn't remember making that comment but still apologizes.

38d ago / 1:15 AM UTC

Giannina introduces Blake to the "Love Is Blind" family

Giannina announces that the couple are expecting a baby boy and she says she hopes he looks like Blake.

She says they are waiting to see how the baby looks when he pops out before they chose a name for their son.

Giannina also reveals that she planned to go on "Perfect Match" before she met Blake and fell in love. Still she credits the show, which she refers to as "this mess" for bringing them together and helping them start a family.

38d ago / 1:13 AM UTC

Jeramey and Sarah reveal they're a couple and living together

Sarah Ann and Jeramey made their relationship debut at the "Love Is Blind" reunion.

They have been together for "almost a year now," per the reunion, and the couple now lives together. The couple initially met in the pods, then broke up once Jeramey got engaged to Laura Dadisman.

"I'm sitting next to someone now I love with all my heart. In my pursuit of love hearts got broken," she said.

38d ago / 1:07 AM UTC

How are Johnny and Amy? Great as ever, it seems

The couple gives an update on where they are now. Amy says their families are as close as ever, and "talk all the time."

"My dad calls his all the time," Amy says. They went on vacation to France with Amy's family (and took J.C. Penney holiday photos with them, too). The episode include a few of the family photos, including snaps of Johnny posing next to Amy in pigtails.

Nick and Vanessa share they were “laying in bed” watching the wedding, and that it inspired tears in Nick.

38d ago / 11:29 PM UTC

Which cast members are coming to the reunion?

On March 12, co-host Vanessa Lachey uploaded a TikTok video that confirmed who was in attendance for the Season Six reunion.

Jessica "Jess" Vestal, Clay Gravesande, Amber Desiree "AD" Smith, Jeramey Lutinski, Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea Blackwell, Kenneth Gorham, Brittany Mills, Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre are shown posing together for a group picture in the video.

Jessica Vestal, Clay Gravesend, and AD Smith in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind."
Jess, Clay AD Smith return to discuss the Season Six drama.Netflix

A clip from the reunion posted on the official "Love Is Blind" Instagram account also revealed that Sarah Ann Bick and Trevor Sova will be put in hot seat to discuss their controversial decisions on and off the show.

Laura, who was engaged to Jeramey before they called it quits during a heated conversation, appears to virtually attend the reunion from another location.

Although Matthew, who was briefly pursuing AD in the pods, is mentioned in another reunion clip, he does not seem to reunite with his fellow cast members in person.

In addition to the stars of this season, the show also invited some "Love Is Blind" alums who will ask questions from the audience. Season One's Giannina Milady Gibelli and Bachelor Nation star Blake Horstmann, who are expecting their first child together, will be in the crowd.

Colleen Reed, Matt Bolton, Giannina Gibelli, Blake Horstmann, Brennon Lemieux, and Alexa Alfia in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind."
"Love Is Blind" alums Colleen Reed, Matt Bolton, Giannina Gibelli, Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia and Bachelor Nation star Blake Horstmann attended the "Love Is Blind" Season Six reunion, as well. Netflix

Season Three couples Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed and Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux, who are expecting a baby, too, will be there. Season Four couples Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell and Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah were invited, as well.

Viewers will also spot Season Five's Izzy Zapata and Season Four's Micah Lussier seated near each other in the audience.

38d ago / 11:29 PM UTC

Which Season 6 couples got married?

Episode 12 began with three couples. But, only two made it to the altar as Jimmy decided to call it quits with Chelsea during their final date.

Clay and AD's wedding was shown first in the finale. AD was confident that they were going to get married and didn't seem to have any doubts. She said "I do," at the altar, but Clay was not ready to make a commitment.

"This has been the best process. AD, I love you,” he told her. “I don’t think it’s responsible for me to say ‘I do.’ But I want you to know that I’m rockin’ with you.”

AD later told the cameras that she didn't want to continue the relationship.  “I don’t see myself continuing to date him,” she said. “You don’t wanna pick me. Somebody else will. I’m done. My heart is broken.” 

AD and Clay in "Love is Blind."
AD and Clay in "Love is Blind."Netflix

Next, it was time for Johnny and Amy's wedding. The couple, who were solid throughout the entire season and barely argued, emphatically said "I do" at the altar.

"I love your soul,” she gushed during her vows. “And I’m excited for what’s next.” 

After the ceremony, Johnny cheered, "I found my partner. I found her. I didn’t think I was gonna ever find her at all. Mrs. Cortes-McIntyre."

They danced during their reception as their friends and family celebrated their love story.

Johnny and Amy.
Johnny and Amy.Netflix
38d ago / 11:29 PM UTC

How to watch the 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 reunion

Following a similar format to last season, the "Love Is Blind" Season Six reunion has been pre-recorded. However, this time hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will be grilling the cast in front of a live audience.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey in the season 6 reunion of "Love is Blind."
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey will host the "Love Is Blind" Season Six reunion in front of a live audience.Greg Gayne / Netflix

The reunion will be released on Netflix Wednesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT.

The taped show arrives a week after the weddings episode where viewers discovered which Season Six couples decided to get married.