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'Love Is Blind' Season 6 finale recap: Which couples got married, and which broke up?

Three couples make it to the finale episode.

After weeks of anticipation, the Season Six "Love Is Blind" finale is finally here. Which couples will ended up tying the knot? Which went their separate ways? We found out.

This season, three couples made it to the finale episode: Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell, AD Smith and Clay Gravesande and Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre.

Each duo encountered highs and lows on their journey to the altar (OK, some more than others). What happens when they finally got there? As we await the Season Six reunion special on March 13, we're recapping all the action of the finale.

Chelsea and Jimmy

Before the couple heads to the altar, Jimmy checks in with Chelsea during a date night to see how she feels about taking this next step.

"I love you so much and I have no doubt in my mind that you’re my person," he begins.

Jimmy and Chelsea.
Jimmy and Chelsea.Netflix

Chelsea acknowledges that the last few weeks have been a “rollercoaster of emotions” but says she can still see them moving forward with a marriage. However, Jimmy's next statement throws her for a loop.

"Every day you've done exactly what I would want in a wife. I love you to death and I want a relationship with you. I want us to work so bad, but I don't want to go to the altar. I can't," he says.

After an awkward pause, Jimmy mentions that Chelsea said their castmates Amy and Johnny are the strongest couple at a group get together the other day. He also claims that she's said it "three times since then," which she debates.

"I said it twice and I said it because we were working through some things and I thought that we have. And for you to just sit here and tell me that you're set on not going (to the altar). Right? Am I getting that you're set on not going?" she says.

"I'm set on not going," Jimmy replies.

Clearly upset, Chelsea then asks Jimmy a tough question.

"Why did you propose to me? I feel like you weren't even trying to get married ... I feel like you've known you were going to say no this entire time and you just wasted my time," she says.

"You told me two weeks ago that you thought I didn't love you. And then I took a step back and I said I'm willing to try because I love you that much," Jimmy says.

Jimmy says he was "so optimistic" that he would find his "person" if he put himself out there.

"That led me to you. That's the greatest thing I've done, singlehandedly. It was hard but it was the greatest thing I've ever done. And before that d--- argument, I was so set," he says, referring to a turning point argument.

Jimmy says he told Chelsea in private about a sexual encounter he had with a close female friend, which she then shared on camera.

"You disrespected her. You disrespected me," he says.

Chelsea says it made her "uncomfortable" that Jimmy texts and calls this friend. Jimmy notes that his hookup with a friend was "less recent" than Chelsea's relationship with an ex-boyfriend that she still hangs out with.

"I don't see him, I don't text him, I don't call him every day. That is completely different," she says.

Ultimately, Jimmy describes the fight as "such a big step back that I can't fathom marrying you after that."

"You throw in the towel with one issue? That's marriage. That's marriage. Marriage is not easy," Chelsea replies.

Jimmy repeats that Chelsea shared his "deepest, darkest secrets" with the world, despite his wishes to protect his friend from public scrutiny.

Chelsea brings it up again and Jimmy replies, "OK, continue to throw it in my face. Continue to remind me why I'm making the right decision."

After saying, "I was so hopeful for us," Chelsea walks away.

Do they get married? The couple does not make it to the altar.

AD and Clay

Everything seems to be going according to plan on AD and Clay’s wedding day. AD gets ready in her private suite with her bridal party, and has an emotional heart-to-heart with her mother.

Clay's discussion with his dad is also intense, and brings his past trauma to the fore. Throughout their relationship, Clay expresses concern that he might cheat on AD because his father cheated on his mother. Clay mentions this again in a confessional interview.

Clay and AD.
Clay and AD.Netflix

After AD walks down the aisle and the officiant asks if she says "I do," she does. However, Clay has a different response.

"This has been the best process. AD, I love you. I don't think it's responsible for me to say I do. But I want you to know that I'm rocking with you. I just don't think it's responsible for me to say 'I do' at this point when I still need work. I still need to get to the point where I'm 100% in," he says.

While AD holds back tears, Clay continues, saying, "And I'm not gonna have you over here thinking that this is not gonna work. I'm gonna put the work in for you and we'll go through this together. I don't care what nobody says. I know fully I'm not ready for marriage and you deserve the best. And if I'm not ready to give that 100%, I won't go there with you when I'm not ready." 

At the altar, AD whispers, "Clay, what the f---?"

Clay then asks why the "timeline" that the show prescribed for their relationship even matters.

"Clay, don't do that," AD says, wipes her tears and walks away.

Back in her bridal suite, she says, “I don't wanna like bash him y'all, cause I love this man. But I don't understand. I'm just never enough.”

Talking about his decision not to get married, Clay describes how he got to this point.

"Marriage is a unity of self. It's a unity of finances. It's a business decision. I think there's certain stuff we should've built on. A lot of the work that needed to be done was my emotional empathy side. I think the finances I kind of looked at it and brushed it off. But finances are huge to me and I don't really understand her finances like that," he says.

When the couple speaks privately, Clay makes it clear that he still wants to be with AD.

"I'm not rejecting you, and it almost feels like I am, you know?" he says.

"Yeah, it does," she replies.

AD tells Clay that she can't be with him anymore, even if he says he's going to put in the work to improve their relationship. The couple then parts ways.

In a confessional, she reflects on her mixed feelings.

"I'm really sad that I wasn't enough for him to like get right. I can't drag him, I can't force him, and I'm not gonna f------ beg him to f------ pick me. I'm done," she says.

Still, AD says she doesn't regret saying yes to Clay at the altar.

"My love was blind. There’s nothing that he could’ve showed me, told me that would’ve changed my answer," she says.

In his own private interview, Clay offers his final thoughts.

"I guess for me I didn't understand the magnitude of the decision. I just feel stupid," he says.

Do they get married? No, they break up at the altar.

Amy and Johnny

Of all the "Love Is Blind" Season Six couples, Amy and Johnny had arguably had the most seamless transition after dating in the pods.

Sure, they've confronted a few challenges, like finding the best birth control method. But even some of the other couples have noted how solid their relationship seems.

Johnny and Amy.
Johnny and Amy.Netflix

After celebrating at their bachelor and bachelorette parties, the couple's wedding day has finally arrived. It's a family affair: Amy invites one of Johnny's sisters to get ready with her in the bridal suite, and Johnny's sister's fiancé officiates the wedding. When Amy walks down the aisle, she's joined by both her father and brother.

Amy is first to answer at the altar, saying, “I do.” Johnny is next and also decides to say yes. The couple's guests celebrate as the newlyweds walk down the aisle.

Afterwards, the couple reflects on their journey to marriage in a confessional interview.

“When we first came down to it, I was like, ‘Hey, you’re out of my league. I wouldn’t even come up to you in a bar. I would’ve been like just so (in awe).’ And the fact that she liked me for me and the looks didn’t matter, it was just, wow, it was perfect,” Johnny says.

Amy also weighs in, saying, "I'm so grateful to have found my person, my husband."

"I feel like when you do it the right away and you really, really commit to it, love is blind. If you really dive into the waters, it's gonna be a little cold, it's gonna be a little uncomfortable. But once you get used to it, love is blind," Johnny says.

"Yeah, I could not have said it better honestly," Amy replies.

Do they get married? Yes, and are the only couple to do so.