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Viva Las Vegas! See TODAY’s sensational Halloween 2022 reveal

Elvis was in the building, Bennifer tied the knot, and The Greatest of All Time floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee on Halloween.
/ Source: TODAY

What happens in Vegas, ends up on TODAY.

The annual TODAY Halloween extravaganza on Monday featured a tribute to Sin City, including a host of Las Vegas legends and Carson Daly as the tour guide.

Elvis was in the building, Muhammad Ali was bobbing and weaving, Celine Dion was hitting the high notes, and David Copperfield was making people levitate.

This year's Vegas-themed party comes after last year's "Football Fright in America" tribute to the NFL, and the Broadway celebration of 2020.

See what the TODAY anchors had up their sleeve this year after it took "a Vegas-sized village" to help them pull off each show-stopping look.

Sheinelle Jones as a showgirl

Sheinelle Jones as a Las Vegas show girl on the Halloween reveal show.
Sheinelle as a Las Vegas show girl on the Halloween reveal show.Getty Images, TODAY

Sheinelle got the show started in proper Vegas fashion by looking fabulous and strutting her stuff as a showgirl on Rockefeller Plaza.

Learning the footwork for her routine brought her back to her younger days.

"When I was a little girl I used to take tap dance," she said on TODAY. "This was like middle school. It was so much fun."

Sheinelle Jones as a Las Vegas show girl on the Halloween reveal show.
Look at her go!Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Sheinelle nailed her choreographed routine with a pair of real showgirls on either side of her.

She can always be relied upon to show off some moves on the stage or dance floor on Halloween. In 2019, she channeled Janet Jackson from her 1989 video for "Rhythm Nation" and stuck her routine to the point that she even got a shoutout from Janet herself.

Willie Geist as Elvis Presley

Willie Geist dressed up as Elvis for the 2022 TODAY Halloween show.
Willie was a hunka hunka burnin' love as Elvis.Getty Images, TODAY

You can't talk about Las Vegas without mentioning The King, who famously married his wife Priscilla in Sin City and played 600-plus shows during a seven-year residency there.

Willie donned the white jumpsuit and channeled Elvis in all of his hunk of "Burning Love" glory, swiveling his hips and throwing out some kicks to get the TODAY fans on Rockefeller Plaza cheering.

"This is late Elvis (stage), lucky for me," Willie joked.

Willie Geist as Elvis on the TODAY show Halloween reveal.
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Willie is also no stranger to Vegas. He shared that when he was in college, he and his wife, Christina, won a trip to Las Vegas around midnight at a party.

"We're on a plane at 6 a.m., passed out and woke up in Vegas," he said.

"And then passed out again once you were there," Dylan Dreyer joked.

Craig Melvin as Muhammad Ali

Craig Melvin as Muhammad Ali for the 2022 TODAY Halloween show.
Craig let everyone know he's the greatest as Muhammad Ali.Getty Images, TODAY

Craig summoned the supreme confidence of The Greatest of All Time, floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee as boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

He had his red boxing robe and gloves on, ready to go 12 rounds to defend his championship belt.

Ali, who died in 2016, fought in Las Vegas during his legendary career and symbolizes a sport that has been integral to the history of the city.

Al Roker as Sammy Davis Jr.

Al Roker as Sammy Davis Jr. on the Halloween reveal show.
Al was the essence of the Rat Pack as Sammy Davis Jr.Getty Images, TODAY

Al paid tribute to a legendary member of the famed Rat Pack, Mr. Show Business himself, Sammy Davis Jr.

Al sang Davis Jr.'s 1972 hit "The Candy Man," complete with the flared collar, gold bling and glasses that defined Davis Jr.'s look.

The TODAY weatherman even went from performing in the black-and-white of Davis Jr.'s heyday to vivid color on Rockefeller Plaza thanks to a little Halloween magic.

It wasn't hard for Al to bring out his inner Sammy.

"Just years of watching him, baby," Al said.

Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Kristen Welker dressed as Jennifer Lopez and Peter Alexander as Ben Affleck on the TODAY show 2022 Halloween reveal.
Kristen and Peter tied the knot in Vegas as Bennifer.TODAY

The Weekend TODAY anchors got in on the fun by re-creating the recent Vegas nuptials of one of the world's most famous couples.

Peter put on a beard and a wig to play Ben Affleck in his white wedding suit, while Kristen put on her wedding dress to snap some selfies with her new husband as Jennifer Lopez.

The real-life Ben and J. Lo. swapped vows in July in the famous Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, cementing a rekindled romance 20 years in the making.

Peter also shared that the last person to use the wig he was wearing as Ben was the late Norm Macdonald, who wore it for his classic “Saturday Night Live” sketches as Burt Reynolds.

Jenna Bush Hager as Celine Dion

Jenna Bush Hager as Celine Dion on the Halloween reveal show.
Jenna brought the house down as Celine Dion.Getty Images, TODAY

Jenna's heart went on and on as she brought down the house while performing as the woman whose residencies have been the most popular in Las Vegas history.

The TODAY host put her all into her performance as Celine Dion with her thrusting stage moves in her sheer and sparkly dress.

There was no lip-syncing either when Jenna belted out Dion's 1996 hit “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now."

"That was my voice," Jenna said on TODAY. "I’m sure I teased some people because I sounded just like Celine."

Carson Daly and Dylan Dreyer as David Copperfield and his assistant, Adelaide

Carson Daly and Dylan Dreyer as David Copperfield and assistant for the 2022 TODAY Halloween show.
Carson and Dylan had the audience levitating with wonder as David Copperfield and Adelaide.TODAY

With some help from the iconic Las Vegas illusionist himself, Carson astonished the audience as David Copperfield by making his trusty assistant, Adelaide, a.k.a. Dylan Dreyer, levitate into the air from a chair using only the power of his mind.

A sitting Dylan drew oohs and ahs from the crowd at Studio 1A as she lifted off a chair and was suspended in midair. Carson made sure to pass his hand right over her head to demonstrate that there were no wires pulling her up from the chair.

"How was your trip?" Carson said in deadpan Copperfield style.

"Amazing," Dylan said.

Dylan taking the name Adelaide for the performance was a nod to Adelaide Herrmann, a magician who became a well-known star in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie as Cirque du Soleil performers

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie are Cirque Du Soleil acrobats during the TODAY show Halloween reveal on Oct. 31, 2022.
Savannah soared during a mid-air performance for Cirque de Soleil.

Hoda and Savannah took a cue from Dylan's gravity-defying performance to impress with some mid-air theatrics of their own.

The TODAY anchors dazzled as Cirque du Soleil performers, the acrobats and aerialists known for their sold-out Las Vegas shows that have become a staple of any visit.

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie are Cirque Du Soleil acrobats during the TODAY show Halloween reveal on Oct. 31, 2022.
Hold on, Hoda!

The duo trained on hoops that were a little lower to the ground before realizing they ones they were swinging on during their Halloween performance were a lot higher in the air.

They still pulled it off with panache despite some initial trepidation.

"We got dizzy," Savannah said on TODAY.

"It was fun though!" Hoda said.