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Dylan Dreyer shows how her 3 sons sleep in one New York City bedroom: 'For now'

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Dylan Dreyer has a full house on her hands!

The TODAY meteorologist and her husband, Brian Fichera, are making the most out of their New York City apartment when it comes to fitting their family all in one space. 

Dylan showcased their craftiness in an Instagram post on Saturday, Jan. 22, posting a photo of the bedroom that their three sons, Calvin, 5, Oliver, 2, and baby Russell “Rusty” share. 

The room was expertly arranged to utilize the open space where the three boys sleep. Rusty’s changing table and crib were arranged against the back wall. Meanwhile, Cal and Ollie posed on their intricate bunkbeds, complete with a crib on the bottom bunk for her middle son.

In the caption, Dreyer joked about some of the comments she’s heard about upgrading apartments now that her family is expanding. 

“‘You have to move,’ they said,” she wrote. “‘You’ll never fit in your apartment,’ they said. ‘Time for a bigger place,’ they said.’ This is how you do it in NYC. I think they all fit just fine… for now."

Dylan’s family grew by one at the end of September 2021 when she welcomed baby Rusty to the world six weeks early. Luckily, Cal and Ollie have been leaning into their titles of “big brother” now that Rusty is around and they've become roommates — literally.

One month after Rusty was born, Dylan gave an update on TODAY about how life has been since becoming a mom of three, including how her oldest sons were reacting to the change.

“Cal and Ollie love it when his eyes are open and he’s looking all around and taking in the sights and sounds,” she said. “The boys can’t stop kissing him and if I leave the room, Calvin lays next to RJ (that’s what Calvin calls him) and says he’ll watch him for me.”

The next month, things hadn’t changed for the oldest boys, who were still just as fond of their younger brother as they were before.

“They just want to kiss him all the time. It’s just the snuggles — they want to hold him,” Dylan told her TODAY family last November.

Dylan will be returning to work on Monday, January 24 after four months away from her TODAY family to spend with her nuclear family. She opened up about her time on maternity leave in a candid Instagram post, penning a reflective message in the caption alongside a series of photos with her children.

“Maternity leave is a blessing and I’m so appreciative for the 16 weeks I got to spend at home with my boys (although some would argue it’s not nearly enough…agreed!!)” Dylan wrote in part. “As I prepare to go back to work in a week, I’m baffled by where the time has gone. Looking back, though, I realize…we squeezed A LOT in!!”

She reflected on Rusty’s stint in NICU, the release of her children’s book “Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day,” as well as multiple celebrations for the holidays, as well as Cal, Ollie, and her husband’s birthdays.

“I know time will keep flying by so I’m soaking in every second and loving every minute of it,” she concluded her caption. “I’m also so lucky that I get to go back to a job I love and my kids get to see me loving what I do and working hard. So I’ve missed you all and can’t wait to be back on 3rd hour @todayshow next Monday!”