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Dylan Dreyer reveals the sweet ways her 2 oldest kids dote on baby Rusty

Baby Rusty is "growing fast and strong!"
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer’s latest family addition is celebrating one month of life.

Dylan posted a photo on Friday night showing off Russell James — also known as RJ or Rusty ­— commemorating his first four weeks on planet Earth.

“Well that was quick!!” she wrote in the caption. “Baby Rusty growing fast and strong!”

Dylan shared baby Rusty with her husband, Brian Fichera. The two are also proud parents to Cal, who will turn 5 on Dec. 17, and Ollie, who will turn 2 on Jan. 2.

Later Friday night, Dylan told TODAY that “time has just flown by” but Rusty is “gaining weight and growing well!”

Even though their house has, at times, felt chaotic in the past month since bringing baby Rusty home, Dylan and her husband, Brian Fichera, wouldn't have it any other way.Courtesy Dylan Dreyer

She says baby Rusty currently has his “days and nights mixed up,” which means he is up most of the night but is “more awake during the day now than when he first got home.”

Rusty had to spend several days in the neonatal intensive care unit at New York-Presbyterian Hospital when he was born six weeks early. On Oct. 8, Dylan shared that she was able to bring the baby home from the NICU. In the weeks since then, Rusty has adjusted well to his surroundings.

Dylan and her boys snuggle on the couch.Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer

“Cal and Ollie love it when his eyes are open and he’s looking all around and taking in the sights and sounds,” she said. “The boys can’t stop kissing him and if I leave the room, Calvin lays next to RJ (that’s what Calvin calls him) and says he’ll watch him for me.”

Calvin snuggled up with baby Rusty.Courtesy Dylan Dreyer

Dylan has talked before about how much her two older kids love the new baby. Earlier this month on TODAY, she said welcoming baby No. 3 has been a "really special time" for their family.

Dylan added that Calvin is “absolutely obsessed” with little Rusty.

"It's hard to find a picture where Calvin isn't hugging him or kissing him or laying on top of him," she said.

Baby Rusty in the arms of his grandfathers — Dylan's dad, James, on the left and her father-in-law, Russell, on the right.Courtesy Dylan Dreyer

It's clear baby number three is getting lots of love from both his immediate family and extended relatives. Dylan shared photos with TODAY of the baby in both his namesakes’ arms — her dad, James, and father-in-law, Russell.

“We’re all just settling in and it couldn’t be more special!” she said.