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Dylan Dreyer checks in with baby Rusty, says life at home with 3 is 'no joke'

The 3rd Hour of TODAY host, meteorologist and mom of three paid a surprise video visit to the show with her newborn son by her side.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s been a week of family reunions on the 3rd Hour of TODAY, as each day a different member of the team has been joined by a special member of their own family — and Friday was no exception.

Only this time, Al Roker, Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones were surprised by a beloved part of their TODAY family.

Dylan Dreyer, who’s been away on maternity leave since welcoming her baby boy Rusty to the world a month and a half ago, paid a video visit to the show and offered an update on the new addition.

"We’re doing good," she said as she held Rusty in her arms. "He’s getting big. I mean, look, he’s a little fatter than he was last time you guys saw him."

But size is relative when it comes to a baby who arrived ahead of schedule, as Dylan admitted that despite his growth spurt, "He's still tiny."

"Think about it. My due date was yesterday, and now he’s 6 weeks old," she said of her preemie. "But he still doesn’t have a lot of neck strength, so every time I give him to the boys, I’m like, ‘Careful! Careful, please. Just be careful."

And the boys, aka Rusty's big brothers Calvin, 4, and Ollie, 1, want to keep him close to their sides often.

"It’s really incredible," Dylan explained. "They just want to kiss him all the time. It’s just the snuggles — they want to hold him.”

As well as things are going with a full house, Dylan said that she and husband Brian Fichera are “in the thick of it right now,” when it comes to caring for all their little guys.

“It’s funny, Brian and I have gotten onto shifts,” she noted. “I sleep from 9 to midnight, and Brian sleeps from 1 to 6. ... I mean, it’s the only way we’re kind of doing it right now, because three kids is no joke."

But thanks to their shifts and the occasional naps, she added, "We're actually doing OK."

While Dylan has her hands full these days, she still makes time for video visits like the one Friday. In fact, she recently paid a similar visit to Calvin’s school, where she introduced his classmates to her children’s book, “Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day.”

"I got a chance to read 'Misty the Cloud' to Calvin’s classroom, and it was just so, so sweet," she said of the experience. "You know, all the kids were asking questions — 'Why did it rain?' or 'Why was Misty upset?'"

And then she recalled the question her son asked.

"Calvin comes up to the camera and he’s like, ‘Is Daddy home?’" she shared with a laugh.