The joke's on you, kid: 11 family-friendly April Fools' Day pranks

If your kids are practical jokers, turn this April Fools’ Day into a family affair. From the minute they wake up, until they crawl back into bed at night, they’ll never know when the next joke is coming.

Obviously we want to stay away from any pranks that leave our kids in tears, unless those tears are from laughing too hard. So whether your kids are the ones pulling the pranks or they’re on the receiving end, these April Fools' Day jokes are silly and fun and will have everyone giggling.

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1. Swap Sleepers

If your kids are heavy sleepers, carry them into their sibling’s bed and let them wake up in a different room to start April Fools on the right foot.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Hey, this isn't my bed!

2. Frozen Breakfast

Put cereal and milk in a bowl and let it freeze overnight. When your hungry kids try to dig in, they’ll get quite the surprise.

Amanda Mushro
Brrrr, it's breakfast.

3. Juice Joke

Anyone want juice? Your family will try taking a drink of this juice and find out it’s really Jell-O.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Jello juice.

4. Underwear Surprise

Swap out their underwear drawer for bathing suits for an early morning prank.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
What are these doing here?

5. “Eye” See You

Give your kids a laugh at lunchtime by attaching googly eyes to everything in their lunch box.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Lunchbox prank.

6. Toilet Paper Message

Unroll the toilet paper and leave a funny message for the unsuspecting user. My personal favorite: “You’re going to wash your hands, right?” Roll the toilet paper back up and wait to see who ends up getting the message.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Toilet paper hijinks.

7. Honk For April Fools

Let your practical jokers put a sign on your car that reads “My kids are playing an April Fools' joke on me. Honk and wave at me!” This joke is even funnier if they get to take a ride in the car with you.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Honk if you pranked your mom!

8. Bugs In Your Ice

This oldie but goodie prank is easy to make at home with this tip. Add almost boiling water to the ice cube trays and toss in a few plastic bugs. The hotter the water, the more clear the ice will be when frozen.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Want something cool to drink?

9. Sweet Trick

Offer up brownies as an afternoon snack, but everyone will be shocked when they find brown letter Es (get it — brown Es?) instead!

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
After school snack trickery.

10. Bathtime Hoax

Use a Q-tip to put gel food coloring around the inside of the faucet in the bathtub or sink. When the water is turned on, you’ll have colored water! You might want to stay away from red. This is April Fools' and not Halloween, after all.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
Bathtime surprise!

11. Pillow Prank

Just when they thought April Fools Day was over, here’s one last prank. Remove the pillows and fill their pillowcases with several partially inflated balloons. When they put their head down to sleep, they’ll realize you got the last April Fools laugh. Obviously if you have younger children, you’ll want to take the balloons out of their room before they drift off to sleep... with a smile on their faces.

Amanda Mushro / TODAY
End the day with a balloon pillow

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